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The man behind the industry-altering always visible technology of Luminox is back for more. Get the lowdown on Barry Cohen's all-terrain watch brand, ProTek.
What if we told you that these fire pits had that dog(g) in them?
Some stories are meant to be cold.
Curious about everyone's favorite clog? Let’s get down to business.
Former Navy SEAL and current podcaster Jocko Willink is on a mission to refuel your fitness regimen. Get the lowdown on his powerful lineup of clean, keto-friendly supplements.
Put one in the win column. GOVX members can now save on officially licensed MLB merchandise through Fanatics.
Pit Viper has social media in a chokehold. Slap a pair on and join us for an unsettling journey into their top posts.
Think beyond the slides. Strengthen your footwear collection with these casually-cool kicks.
Bill Murray and his band of brothers have teamed up to bring their distinct brand of golf apparel to GovX members. Crack open a cold one and get a look here.
At GovX, there's always room for more. Here's a detailed look at the top 10 new brands to hit the site over the last year.
Never deal with a dead device again. Anker and their lineup of lightning-fast mobile charging equipment are now available on GovX.
Your wardrobe shouldn't have an expiration date. Respect the threads and discover the BRIXTON way.
It's what's underneath that counts. Level up the most overlooked components of your ensemble here.
All about BUBS Naturals, the game-changing supplements named in honor of Glen “BUBS” Doherty, one of the four Americans who gave their lives in defense of their fellow countrymen.
Better, high-performing fabrics. A more streamlined, accurate fit. Strategic details built into each garment, and designed to support you.
FROG FUEL was created by two former Navy SEALs, both of whom would prefer your knees not chronically hurt by age 40.
Join a legion of outdoor enthusiasts and tactical pros wearing the finest sock made on American soil. This is Darn Tough.
Tactical professionals wearing Edge Eyewear
One of the latest brands to join the GovX catalog, EDGE EYEWEAR are built with the strictest safety standards in mind.
In an increasingly dangerous world, take self defense seriously with the TASER Pulse, a less-than-lethal shock weapon designed for civilians.
Literally seconds after Fire Dept Coffee landed on the GovX digital store shelves, the orders started coming in. You've had the coffee. Now meet the crew. Here's the rundown on six coffee-slinging members of the FDC team.
Fire Dept Coffee firefighters
Ready to get as jittery as a firefighter working back-to-back calls? Here's the story of the crew, the coffee, and the caffeine.
A Benchmade knife begins life the moment it leaves the sharpener’s table. You can confidently claim its legacy will last forever.
Add an American-made boot built for all kinds of service to your personal loadout. This is the Rocky Boots story.
Some people think the Hydrow rower only works the arms. Couldn't be further from the truth. Here's the GovX review of this powerful machine.
On the hunt for something special for a loved one or a fellow brother in arms? This is the Jewelry Republic story.
This veteran-owned apparel brand believes in rediscovering the inner warrior in every American. This is Born Primitive.
For nearly fifty years, Propper has been making tactical gear with a purpose. Founded in 1967 by William T. Propper, a manufacturing entrepreneur, the company landed its first contract with the US Navy, manufacturing the “Dixie cup” covers so iconic among sailors today. Today, the brand is renowned for its apparel, bags, footwear, and more… Read More »Propper Gear and Apparel is Ready to Do Battle
“Comfortable footwear. Police work is all about comfortable footwear.” – Officer Zavala, End of Watch The minds over at Original S.W.A.T. believe that one of the most important tools in a uniformed professional’s arsenal is the pair of shoes he or she wears. Founded back in 1999, these folks set out to build a better boot… Read More »Original SWAT: On-Duty Boots Made for the People