Tee Off in William Murray Golf, Bill Murray’s Putt-Sinking, Beer-Swigging Apparel Line

The Murricane and his crew have officially hit GOVX.

By Devin Pangaro – March 2, 2023

There’s an indisputable level of enigmatic eccentricity behind the celebrated actor-comedian, Bill Murray. For better or worse, he’s always unapologetically “Bill”. Whether he’s missing out on leading roles because he reportedly doesn’t own a mobile phone or employ a management company, or he’s busy covertly crashing bachelor parties and delivering impromptu declarations of love, there’s no end to the unexpected when it comes to this box office legend. With so much mystery behind the man, it’s refreshing to learn that his love of golf is completely genuine.

A mainstay of pro-am tournaments since the early 90s and a respected amateur golfer in his own right, Murray can consistently be found entertaining the crowd, rubbing shoulders with PGA standouts, and responsibly enjoying his share of suds in between rounds. Teaming up with his family of five link-loving brothers to form William Murray Golf, their lineup of high-quality, casual golfing apparel is now GOVX ID enabled and available to score at a major discount.

Big Earner Polo

Fun fact, during the infancy of their relationship, my parents attended a taping of Saturday Night Live during the tale end of Murray’s tenure during the spring of 1980. He ended up treating them and a mutual friend to a late-night dinner after, and in the words of my mother, was “really charming, plus he covered the bill, which was great because your father was broke.” Classic Murray. Anyway, this aptly named 4-button polo pays homage to his role in the pin-splitting classic KINGPIN. Sporting a spiffy rose-spouting bowling ball design in navy blue, this look is complete money on the green.

Murray Classic Polo

Murray has portrayed so many iconic characters over the decades, it’s hard to whittle it down to just one flagship role without sparking a fierce debate. Fortunately, his apparel line is a little easier to pull from. Take for example the Classic Polo, a relaxed, leisurely winner available now in multiple shades. Meticulously designed to feature a bold tartan cuff on the right sleeve, sleek invisible man left chest logo, and ‘William Murray’ script strategically placed on the upper back, this is a shirt that’s as much a hit at the tournament as it is at the awards dinner.

ZFG T-Shirt

Just in case you wanted a closer look at the logo, the ZFG T-shirt comes primed to become your new go-to for everyday activities. Inspired by an original photo from one of Bill’s many Pebble Beach adventures and designed to fully embrace his relaxed, fun-loving spirit, the ZFG is a comfortable fit for serious and unserious golfers alike. Plus, you’re nearly guaranteed to get asked “where’d you get that?” multiple times a day.

Murray Tartan Kappa Chino Pants

There’s a thin line between golf pants and pajama pants. That’s just the way it is, we don’t make the rules. However, a quality pair adds a distinguished touch to a growing golf gear arsenal. Murray’s tartan version raises your game with a standard denim-style construction, an impressive five pockets, and a lightweight fit for your mightiest swings.

Murray Classic Pants

For those who want to keep the attention on their game first and foremost, these pants are a little like Steve Zissou -- committed, timeless, and determined to finish what they started. Ready for the front 9 and the back 9, the no-frills bottoms are perfect for the dedicated golfer that doesn’t consider the day full until they’ve gotten their shots in. Designed with input from PGA Tour brand ambassadors to be lightweight, sweat-wicking, and simple to care for, they’ve quickly become an insider favorite of the Murray brothers and fans of the brand.

WMG / Jones Shag Bag Cooler

Is it better to carry some extra balls or some cold ones? With this glorious multi-use contraption, you can do both. A product of their official partnership with Jones Sports, this one builds on the design of the classic shag bag by adding insulation so you can enjoy some iced-cold cans after every shot. Big enough to haul six dozen practice balls or a half dozen bottles of beer, consider this bag your new caddy.

In the Rough Hat

As a massive fan of the Chicago Cubs and a part owner of the Triple-A St. Paul Saints, baseball serves as Murray’s second love and the inspiration behind this piece of headgear. Built from premium material, featuring a leather adjustable strap, and ideal for keeping the sun out of your eyes, this hat is a game changer wherever you go.

In The Weeds Dew Point Jacket

Packable and primed to crush birdies in cold weather, this hooded zip-up is the ultimate throw-on for any golfer who appreciates a balance of style and functionality. Emblazoned with a distinct “IN THE WEEDS” pattern of a fairway and putting greens, it’s easy to see that golfing is more than just a hobby. Even from 100 yards away.

Brian Doyle Plaid Serious Business Performance Blazer

Bill’s older brother Brian has quietly had quite the career of his own. From appearing alongside him in GHOSTBUSTERS II and GROUNDHOG DAY to co-writing CADDYSHACK to stealing scenes in WAITING FOR GUFFMAN and WAYNE’S WORLD, Doyle-Murphy is the consummate “hey, it’s that guy” thanks to his impressive filmography. Which really makes him a natural to cameo on this list with his very own blazer. Made with four-way stretch fabric, you can feel confident in your ability to move freely and class up the joint every time you put it on.

Caddy Shacket

A fitting tribute to the movie that inspired it all. The Caddy Shacket and its fleece construction comfortably shields the wearer from rough weather conditions while retaining its sterling look. Made to serve as your primary outer layer, this is the jacket to wear for all of life's victories. Just try to avoid pissing off PETA by going after gophers in it.


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