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By Devin Pangaro – June 12, 2023

There remain very few things that feel as inherently American as congregating in the backyard or campsite and partaking in the age-old institution of grilling up some meats, kicking back with a cold one, and hyping up another legendary culinary performance to anyone within listening range.

If it’s been a while since you last held a barbecue of epic proportions or you’re just looking to upgrade what you've been cooking with, we’ve taken the liberty of identifying some choice cuts for future consideration. Feast your eyes on these smokin’ hot deals for grill kings, pitmasters, and tailgating heroes.

BEST PORTABLE GRILL: The Original FireDisc – 24” Short Portable Propane Cooker

Anyone immersed in the flame game will tell you that the ability to grill some quality eats on the go is equivalent to possessing some type of wayward superpower. Arriving to save the day with its portability, The Original FireDisc rises above the rest with its versatile approach to fixing up meals of any cuisine anywhere you are at. Doesn’t matter if it’s a campground, a ballpark parking lot, or the park down the street. You want to go for a full course meal, the cooker’s round pan design gives you the space to make it happen. Combine this with the simple and quick setup and you have no reason not to tote it everywhere and cook up a legendary number of crowd-pleasing plates.

BEST COOK KIT: BIOLITE CampStove Complete Cook Kit

Ever nix a meal because you don’t have the necessary tools or appliances to cook it properly? Every chef’s biggest nightmare is extinguished with this fully integrated kit built to accompany you everywhere. This unit generates its own electricity creating smokeless wood flames through the award-winning CampStove 2+, while simultaneously cooking up meals and brewing hot beverages with a lightweight portable grill, KettlePot, and CoffeePress accessories. Got an Army to feed? The steel grill gate holds up to four burgers at a time. Add it all up and include the ability to charge your electronics through one of the strategically placed USB ports and you’ve got all the comforts of the kitchen in one compact package.

BEST GRILL SET: Picnic Time 3-Piece BBQ Tote & Grill Set

Look, somebody shows up to the barbecue with this bad boy slung across their shoulder, you better believe they mean serious business. Like an ace archer packing a quiver of arrows, this set comes complete with wood-handled stainless-steel tools ready to get grilling, a large spatula with a conveniently integrated bottle opener, a BBQ fork, and a pair of trusty tongs. Simple, yet sophisticated with everything an American of leisure could ask for.

BEST GRILLING TOOL: FireDisc Cooker Ultimate Cooking Weapon

Appropriately named for adding some power to your cooking arsenal, FireDisc proves that they can go beyond the grill with this standout from their impressive line of cooking tools. The Ultimate Cooking Weapon is specifically designed for use on the FireDisc cooker and serves as an oversized spatula ideal for flipping meat at elevated temperatures. The 20-inch length allows you to access every corner of the cooking surface, and the rubber-molded handle provides a comfortable and secure grip. Need to crack open a bottle? No problem, the hanger hook packs its very own opener.

BEST COOLER: Tundra 65 Hard Cooler

If you're on drink duty, put your trust in the cooler that’ll hold down the whole damn cookout down from start to finish. This extra-thick beverage carrier utilizes PermaFrost Insulation and YETI’s patented ColdLock Gasket to keep contents colder for the long haul, keeping uninvited warm ones from killing the vibe. For those who find themselves camping in a national park this summer, the Tundra is certifiably bear-proof and the military-grade construction makes sure it survives whatever the wild has in store for it.

BEST STEAK: The American Wagyu Filet Mignon from The Meatery

Truth be told, we don’t expect you to ever confuse GovX for your local grocery store. With that said, we’d be remiss not to let you know that the good folks at The Meatery offer some of the finest meats you’ll find anywhere in the country. By way of Masami Ranch in Norther California, comes The American Wagyu Filet Mignon, a personal favorite of members due to its mouthwatering flavor, tender cut, and stellar price. Get the grill fired up and raise the standards on what you’re serving up next.


Sometimes you just gotta mess around and spice things up. Pop the cap and flick some of this good stuff on your brisket, steak, chicken, or burgers to unlock a flavorful bounty bound to be a hit at any cookout. Good chance this 10.5-ounce taste amplifier will have you calling out its name from the first to the last bite.

BEST FOLDING CHAIR: Outlander Folding Camp Chair with Cooler

Sure to turn heads at your next tailgate, this steel frame comfort specialist comes equipped with a 9-can mini cooler. An effective way to minimize the number of beer trips you need to make during your next kick-back. Built to travel, the chair is easy to pack into a drawstring tote and carry over your shoulder to your next destination.

What are you slapping on the grill this summer?

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