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Add a Boot Built for Service to Your Uniformed Loadout. This is Rocky Boots.

Photo credit: Rocky Boots

“It’s in our DNA to serve,” says Mark Dean of Rocky Boots, the nationally famous brand known for defending the feet of American uniformed pros across the globe. From every branch of the military to law enforcement departments nationwide, Rocky Boots has earned a dedicated community of followers. And it’s a group of followers the brand remains personally dedicated to.

Throughout its nearly 90-year history, the brand has steadfastly maintained its connection to the US military and uniformed services. Several employees among the Rocky Boots team are retired military or remain connected to lives of service in active and reserve communities. Every year, the brand dispatches personnel to conferences and trade shows, from state-level National Guard conferences, to the annual NRA convention, SHOT Show, as well as military contests like the Soldier of the Year and Best Ranger competition.

S2V Tactical Military Boot
The American-made, Berry Amendment-compliant S2V Tactical Military Boot.

With each hand they shake and professional they meet, Rocky Boots gains a deeper understanding of the kind of footwear these Americans want and need. As a bonus, it allows Rocky to keep up with the ever-shifting tides of US military standards and specifications. Building a product that continues to comply with the regulations of the Berry Amendment—a DoD requirement specifying allowed textiles—is a continual challenge.

Every Berry Amendment compliant boot must be built in the USA. Rocky’s got that covered too. After the company went public in the late 90s, Rocky Boots have been manufactured on US soil in Puerto Rico, while its corporate headquarters remained in Nelsonville, Ohio. “We actually employ more folks in our Nelsonville HQ than we ever did in the old factory here,” says Mark. With their red brick headquarters and company store on the north banks of the Hocking River, Rocky Boots embodies the spirit of American industry.

The boots are built to meet the needs of demanding jobs. Built for quick maneuvers and fast-paced action, the S2V Tactical Boots are a popular choice among military personnel. Each color variant is Berry compliant, so depending on your uniform of the day, you can choose black, coyote brown, desert tan, or sage green, and you’ll be good to go. A sturdy combat boot built of 1000-Denier CORDURA and water- and flash-resistant leather, it’s perfectly suited for harsh environments.

A SWAT officer demonstrates the S2V boot.

But just because it does the job, why should an American servicemember choose it? In a word: Comfort.

One US Marine wrote about his experience with the S2Vs after wearing them for 15 weeks of rigorous training. “I was looking for comfortable boots that would prevent me from rolling my ankles,” he recounts. “After weeks of intense training and over 200 miles of walking, marching, and running over asphalt and trails and through rivers and woods, I can say these boots are far superior to anything else I’ve worn. I actually fell in a whole while running and didn’t roll my ankle.”

Rocky Boots can withstand the punishing demands of US military operations.

Rocky knows that the people who wear their product don’t get to take breaks. Their boots shouldn’t either, so they added some stretch LYCRA into the boot for extra comfort, crucial for those long hours in the field. Plus, if your mission takes you into wet territory, your boot pushes water out of drainage vents and dries quick. It also comes in a steel-toed variant.

On the law enforcement front, the AlphaForce Duty Boot is a reliable choice for police officers. The Air-Port footbed is made from polyurethane and absorbs shock, but always reverts back to its earliest shape. The cushion footbed specifically supports and comforts a cop’s heel, which can easily become a pain point during long shifts in ill-fitting footwear.

Countless American servicemembers lace up Rocky’s boots worldwide due to the hard work of the men and women on the Rocky team. From their factory to their headquarters, the Rocky family culture is focused on the details that make their boots so dependable, and the missions performed by the people who wear them. It takes about two hours for as single waterproof boot to come off the production line and into a shoebox, working its way through a production line that includes fine-tuned machines that have been relied upon for decades.

Rocky Boots continues to lead the way in the usage of innovative raw materials in their footwear, incorporating new fabrics, new technologies, and smart design into boots made for work, hunting, military service, and more. Since the Rocky doors opened in the early 30s, their goal to provide quality outdoor and occupational footwear remains unchanged. It’s a brand that continues to serve the law enforcement and military communities, because the members of the Rocky family have an affinity for the men and women who wear the uniforms.

Rocky is a footwear leader that GovX shoppers have requested for years, and we’re proud to add this dedicated brand to our digital catalog. Grab a pair of Rocky Boots in your size and get ready to stand a little taller in an incredible American-made boot.

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