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Darn Tough Socks are American-Made Magic Socks. Here’s Why.

We often take socks for granted. We think about shoes long before we think about socks. But why? If we’re spending over $100 on hiking shoes or tactical boots, why should we skimp on socks?

Darn Tough is a sock brand that wants you to think about this. And you’d be joining a legion of GovX customers who already have. Darn Tough is one of our all-time bestsellers, purveyors of fine, American-made socks used by athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and tactical pros nationwide.

Darn Tough socks have been proudly made in Vermont for nearly 40 years.

Let’s take a look at the reviews on the Darn Tough full cushion boot socks, for example. With more cushion than your standard boot sock, it’s an especially comfortable choice for long hikes and patrols, particularly in colder weather. What does the GovX community think?

Gregory, from a municipal fire department: “These are the perfect blend of thickness and height for my boots. Warm when they get wet, but they don’t make you sweat.”

Ryan H, from the ATF: “They’re comfortable for everyday wear and look as good in the office as they do on the trail. They also fit me true to size. I’ve thrown out all my old socks since I won’t need them anymore.”

Joseph, a city cop: “Never in my life did I think I would wear a $20 pair of socks. Now, I won’t wear anything but.”

Officer Joseph brings up something important. Yes, expect to pay between $15 and $20 for a pair of Darn Tough socks. But you’re paying for quality here. American-made quality. Darn Tough has a motto: “Nobody ever outsourced anything for quality.” You can argue all day long about globalism and China taking our jobs but Darn Tough socks have been proudly sourced and made in America for nearly 40 years, and they’ve gotten pretty good at it. This purely American operation has made a Darn Tough sock for every outdoor activity, from summer jogs to winter backpacking trips, and by keeping their materials local, they never skimp on quality.

They use high-density knitting, with more stitches per inch that provides durability and cushioning, but without adding extra bulk. Darn Tough socks are also made from shrink-treated Merino wool, which if you’ve ever spent some time researching backpacking culture, you’ll know that Merino is the gold standard wool when it comes to comfort and longevity. Snowboarders, hikers, campers, and more outdoorsy types seek out Merino wool socks whenever they can. It’s cool in the summer, warm in the winter, wicks away moisture, and has natural anti-odor properties. Here’s what Larry, a National Guardsman had to say about his boot socks“I’ve used the same pair on three rucks so far, covering about 24 miles. I realize that sounds gross, but the socks don’t hold an odor once they’ve dried overnight.” The sheep that produce this wool do great work.

Paired up perfectly with Oboz mid hikers.

You’ll like having these on your feet. I know I do. When I go camping or hiking, I don’t pack a single sock into my bag that’s not Darn Tough. I’ve racked up 16 miles in King’s Canyon in the summer heat with a pair of the quarter mesh socks. I backpacked through the Yellowstone backcountry in a pair of Coolmax crew cushions. For a hiker like me, multiple trips every year require multiple pairs of reliable Darn Tough socks. I figure, if I’m going to be spending between $100 and $150 on a pair of hiking boots, why would I skimp on the socks? Why would I pair up an expensive hiking boot with some Fruit of the Loom jumbo pack crap?

Here at GovX, we’ve got a collection of plain-color tactical Darn Tough socks which are uniform compliant for all kinds of jobs. Stay tuned for more. We’ll be expanding the catalog to include more colors and options in the coming days.