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Real Examples of How EDGE EYEWEAR Protects Your American Eyeballs

Tactical professionals wearing Edge Eyewear

Edge Eyewear is the latest tactical and safety glasses brand to join the GovX catalog. They’re painstakingly designed to meet or exceed a variety of safety standards including MIL-PRF 32432-A and ANSI Z87.1+ (Here’s everything you need to know about those acronyms and how ballistic lenses defend those gorgeous American eyes of yours).

Edge Eyewear frames a proven track record of safety and reliability. Check out testimonials from real customers who would’ve suffered severe eye injury if they weren’t wearing their Edge frames.

“My brother was recently traumatically injured while wearing a pair of Edge Safety Eyewear sunglasses. While using a chainsaw cutting up a fallen tree to be hauled away, his saw picked up a wedge-shaped piece of wood and shot it straight into his face. Sixty stitches later, his face is mostly put back together and, miraculously, a massive gash was left in his safety glasses with no damage to his eye. The glasses were gashed all the way in on one side, although they didn’t puncture what looked to be the last layer, and it saved his eye. I want to thank you a thousand times and testify on behalf of the quality of your product.”

“I wanted to thank you for the great quality of product you offer. On July 11, I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident and had some of your Reclus SR111AR clear glasses on. I can share a couple pics of the glasses (blood and all) that show very clearly where they (while still on my head) drug along the pavement and, while I still ended up with a solid black eye, I’m confident that, had I been wearing anything of less quality, I could have had a significantly more serious injury to my eye so again I want to say thank you for providing a high quality product that performs at the highest level when the chips are down! I am most certainly very fortunate in that while my injuries were bad, they could have been dramatically worse than they were!!”

“I am a volunteer firefighter in our town in Alberta. On one of the training sessions of vehicle extrication we were cutting one of the door posts with hydraulic shears when a piece of material came shooting out and hit my glasses right square in the middle of the lens. To say the least, it was a bit alarming. I examined the lenses, thinking the amount of impact they had taken surely, they would have been cracked. To my surprise, there wasn’t even a scratch. Had I not had your safety glasses on I would have most defiantly sustained injury to my eye. Thank you for designing a product with such a superior level of protection.”

“I am currently an assistant team leader for our tactical team. In May, I was involved in a large-scale gun battle during a search and arrest warrant. During this incident, myself, along with three other of my team members, were hit with gunfire. I took a round off the helmet, which threw small pieces of frag into the left side of my face and into my safety glasses. I’m sending this to you because I believe your product, which I was wearing, saved my vision.”

The question that people ask me is: why did you choose Edge? I’m a shooter and the first answer to that question is safety. I highly recommend them because they are lightweight, comfortable and they are really permanently anti fog. I don’t need to sell anything; I just think they’re the perfect glasses for any occasion.” 

“Fog is a huge issue for soldiers, and it is great not to have to worry about that anymore thanks to the Vapor Shield technology. I like to use the Hamel Gray Wolf with the thin temples in the mountains for climbing and in everyday life. I also wear the green version for operations in desert areas. Ballistic eyewear like those with ultra-thin temples are perfect to be used with all sorts of combat helmets comfortably.”

“I am a CQB Instructor, counter-terrorism expert and an IDPA Master Shooter who has been wearing Edge since 2018 for my work and sport. I love all Edge Eyewear for the Vapor Shield treatment and the incredible resistance of the lenses. The model I prefer is the Phantom Rescue, eyewear created to support the association of the same name that deals with the fight against child trafficking. The best glasses I’ve ever worn.”

“I have owned my pair of Edge Eyewear sunglasses since 2017. I really appreciate all the features built into these glasses, from the military-grade anti-fog Vapor Shield to the polarized lenses. I wear them during major events, ranging from Presidential Inaugurations to the 20th Anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks. I am always asked by my fellow officers what type of glasses I am wearing. I refer them to Edge Eyewear because you put out a superior product. Keep up the great work.”

All Edge Eyewear frames go through rigorous testing long before they ever make it into your gear collection. This brand leads the way in military-grade anti-fog technology, and their frames are flexibility and virtually indestructible. Most importantly, the lenses are third-party tested to meet the highest safety standards. So whether you’re a tactical professional, someone who works in hazardous environments, or just someone who wants the finest in safety eyewear (you never know what can happen), add EDGE EYEWEAR to your collection.

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