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Why the HYDROW Rower is Totally Worth It

Photo credit: Hydrow

Home fitness is having a moment right now. Many of us still prefer working out in the comfort of home instead of going to the gym. And folks with service-related backgrounds like police officers, firefighters, and military servicemembers are still training hard in living rooms, bedrooms, and garages nationwide.

We’ll be the first to admit … it gets old. That’s why we’re thrilled to add the Hydrow Rower Live Outdoor Reality Machine to the GovX home fitness collection. This is a powerful rowing machine that offers an immersive, authentic workout with hundreds of instructor-led rows on waterways across the globe.

Hydrow Rower on a waterfront

So is the Hydrow rower worth it? Let’s take a look:

Many people believe that rowing only works the arms. Tell that to the crazy ripped heroes who row the Charles River every morning, rain or shine. Rowing is a full body workout that engages nearly 90% of your muscles, and doubles the muscles used for cycling and running. In addition to your upper back, arms, and pectorals, rowing also works the quads, calves, and glutes. A well-executed rowing stroke is a full body motion intended to propel a boat through the water, which is why every crewmember of a rowboat needs to be fully in sync to win a race. The Hydrow rower simulates real water training, with a variable resistance level for a challenging, rewarding workout.

Man using a Hydrow rower
The Hydrow’s 22-inch touchsreen offers an immersive 1080p video workout.

You’re also getting the benefit of a low-impact workout, meaning the Hydrow provides a welcome alternative to jogs or treadmill running. Burn serious calories without undue stress on your joints in a powerful cardio workout that benefits your heart and lungs.

The rower is thoughtfully designed, with a frame built of aluminum and steel with a flat anthracite polymer body. Get into the rhythm with an ergonomically designed cushioned seat on a 10-roller system track for extra smooth operation and comfort.

But the Hydrow’s premiere feature is the innovative way it immerses you in an authentic workout. The 22-inch touchscreen offers full 1080p HD video that transports you to waterways around the world, with streaming live workouts from renowned athletes and Olympians. It’s a cool way to add globetrotting value and realism to an at-home workout. If you’ve ever wanted to row the waters of the Scottish Highlands without buying a plane ticket, now’s your chance.

The Hydrow rower vastly benefits from a Digital Basic Membership, which gets you access to a world of workouts at varying levels. There’s an ever-growing library of on-demand rowing workouts spanning a range of intensity and duration. Depending on how hard you wanna crush it, choose the one that supports your own goals.

If you’re feeling competitive—which is probably a lot of you—you can even challenge yourself to make the live leaderboard and participate in racing challenges. It’s essentially kicking the asses of people you’ve never met, which is a practice we can get on board with any day.

If you’re looking to challenge yourself and build your personal power, check out Hydrow on GovX. See you downriver, patriots.

Man using the Hydrow rower

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