10 Crazy but True Facts About Solo Stove


smokeless every day.

Month after month, Solo Stove maintains an iron grip as a certified GOVX top seller and brand favorite amongst a legion of members. Proving that few things are as pleasing as gathering around the fire for a night of toasts and roasts, the ever-growing roster of fire pits, pizza ovens, stands, sticks, tools, and other backyard and camping essentials keeps those in search of a legendary outdoor experience satisfied.

With a hit holiday campaign currently making the rounds, here’s an in-depth look at the hottest brand around.

10. They Were Originally a Super Successful Kickstarter Campaign

It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none. Crowdfunding their way into the production line, Texas-born brothers Jeff and Spencer Jan introduced the first Solo Stove as a “virtually smokeless” campfire alternative. The idea quickly caught fire, crushing their $15K goal in just two hours on the platform, on route to raising an astounding $1.1 million+ and catapulting the brand into the public consciousness.

9. It Burns Twice as Hot as Your Standard Campfire

If it’s legit, you know it’s a hit. The double walled design and vent holes work to create a vacuum effect, pulling in extra oxygen creating a more efficient burn and a massive reduction in smoke. In other words, your new backyard buddy brings the heat without leaving you smelling like a bonfire.

8. You Can Use It to Create the Perfect Margarita

One simply shouldn’t have to suffice on gin and juice alone. Break out the pineapples and utilize your Solo Stove grate to char spears of the tropical fruit to perfection. Serving as a substitute for plain ol’ pineapple juice, each slice of grilled goodness can be used to supplement your choice of mezcal or tequila. Enjoy it on the rocks or as a cantina-style slushie. It’s totally your call.

7. They Received a Massive Popularity Boost Over the Pandemic

Park it like it’s hot. As we all spent an inordinate amount of time in our homes during the COVID-19 crisis, many of us found ways to turn our backyards into our own personal sanctuary. When restrictions eased and we began to safely embrace quality time together again at a distance, meeting up to share a meal outside or enjoy a fireside chat became all the rage.

As a result, Solo Stove sales have been up 30% year over year since COVID reared its ugly head.

6. They've Created a Powerhouse of Equally Awesome Brands

Paid the cost to be the boss. Back in 2021, Solo Stove officially announced the acquisitions of Chubbie Shorts, Oru Kayak, and Isle to form SOLO BRANDS. With a goal to build a better, customer-obsessed, community-oriented, direct-to-consumer experience, each new brand was cherry-picked for its loyal and expanded fanbase of dedicated followers and shared mission to give back to its communities.

For GOVX members, Oru Kayak and Isle are currently GOVX-ID enabled.

5. Their 'Pits are Totally Portable

Ain’t nuthin’ but a fire pit party. Constructed from the supremely durable, yet surprisingly lightweight 304 stainless steel, Solo Stove’s fire pits clock in at a nimble 25 pounds at just 19.5 inches wide. Easy to haul from here to there, the convenient carry case lets you warm up the camp wherever you see fit.

You can even get the fire started on sand, grass, or a wood deck as long as you set up the stand.

4. They've Partnered with World Vision to Support Ukraine

Representin’ for humanitarians all around the world, Solo Stove worked with the advocacy agency World Vision to deliver Titan Camp Stoves to displaced Ukrainian citizens. Perfectly suited to provide much-needed warmth and capable of producing enough heat to cook a meal or boil water, Solo Stove donated one stove for each fire pit purchased on solostove.com.

3. They Sell One Epic Pizza Oven

Lodi Dodi, thrown on the pepperoni. A few years back, serving up wood-fired pizzas on command would have felt nearly impossible. Too expensive, not enough room, not restaurant quality. Solo Stove worked diligently to change all of that. The fairly priced, space-conscious PI Pizza Oven brings elite brick oven pies to your very own backyard with the same smoke-free experience.

2. They Carry the Torch

Crank up the beat, raise up the heat. Solo Stove brings the missing element to your backyard with the Mesa Torch, lighting the way for late night kickbacks around the fire pit. The ideal accessory to your existing arrangement, the 3-torch package contains 9 wicks for a longer, brighter burn that never fails to set the mood.

1. They Can Count Snoop Dogg as a Homie

What’s his mother-trucking name? It doesn’t matter if you call him Snoop D.O. Double G, Snoop Lion, or Mr. Slim with the Tilted Brim. The rap icon recently teamed up with Solo Stove to fool the world into thinking he had given up the sticky-icky and become a changed man.

 Of course, this was all a clever ruse into formally announcing Snoop as an official spokesman...or "smokesman" for the brand and promoting his own limited edition Snoop Stove for the holiday season.

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