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Why the TASER PULSE is a Solid Non-Lethal Alternative to Carrying a Gun

  • by GovX

In an increasingly dangerous world, many professions now seem more threatening than they once were. Building superintendents, emergency medical professionals, and unarmed security guards are choosing energy weapons as an extra layer of security during their day to day lives. Some educational professionals, provided their schools don’t have specific prohibitions on weapons, are choosing to arm themselves with TASER devices as an extra precaution.

Just look to the prevalence of TASER energy weapons in law enforcement departments across the country. TASER devices may prevent shootings while also protecting officers, and unlike a night stick, a TASER device can be used at a safe distance. Plus, unlike pepper spray, there’s no blowback. A simple change in the wind can send pepper spray right back into the face of the person who used it. 

TASER devices can incapacitate muscles with targeted energy. A TASER energy weapon mimics the brain-to-muscle signals in an amplified form and is designed to interrupt and overpower brain-to-muscle communication at the motor-nerve level. As a result of this technology, every year, thousands of people are safely taken into custody without lasting injury thanks to TASER devices.

The bestselling civilian TASER device in the GovX catalog is the TASER Pulse. It’s a compact energy weapon easily carried in a hip holster. Weighing in at only 8 ounces and roughly the size of a Ruger LCP, it can be carried discretely by people interested in non-lethal self-defense.

Thumb the safety off and the weapon’s under-barrel flashlight and laser sight both turn on, making the Pulse well suited for nighttime use. It features a battery in the grip and includes an internal compressed gas mechanism that fires two probes on copper wires at a velocity of 180 feet per second.

With the safety disengaged, the under-barrel flashlight and laser sight automatically turn on.

When both probes makes sufficient contact with the target, electricity is transferred through the wires and can override muscular function for 30 seconds, a generous amount of time to escape from any would-be attacker. It’s designed to be a fire-and-forget weapon, as the Pulse continually delivers the voltage for the entire 30 seconds. At the end of the 30 seconds, if your target is still a threat, just squeeze the trigger again to continue the effect.

Loading a cartridge is simple and fast.

When fired, one probe flies on a flat trajectory toward the target, while the second probe flies at a downward angle. The reason for this is to automatically obtain a good spread between probes as, the larger the spread, the more muscle lockup there can be. Aim for low center mass too, as that area typically has more muscle mass, including the core muscles.

The Pulse+ is a higher-tech version of the standard Pulse, and comes integrated with Noonlight, a free safety platform app that connects to your phone via Bluetooth. Backed by live dispatchers, Noonlight connects with emergency personnel to the location wherever your phone detects the Pulse+ was fired.

Aim for low center mass too, as that area typically has more muscle mass, including the core muscles.

You can also use the Pulse in close quarters self-defense. The device functionally works like stun gun. If someone closes the distance to you, you’re still armed and prepared. If the arc makes contact with the body, it’s considerably painful.

Even unloaded, the TASER Pulse delivers a shock.

In ideal conditions, the probes may penetrate up to two inches of clothing. At 180 feet per second, the probes may penetrate to the skin through shirts, sweaters, jeans, and other basic garments. A leather jacket or a thick coat stand better chances of resisting penetration, but if the probes were to get stuck in clothing, the electricity may still jump up to one inch between the probe and the skin.

The Pulse has also been known to deter attackers with noise alone. The distinctive crackling sound is often enough to make people reconsider their decisions. It’s loud, intimidating, and sucks to listen to for more than a second or two.

If you work in a dangerous area, want to take measures to protect yourself, but have concerns about the possibility of taking human life, consider adding a TASER energy weapon to your personal arsenal. Accurate, reliable, and powerful, the TASER Pulse and Pulse+ are solid choices for self-defense.

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