The rookie report is in. Behold the newcomers who made the most noise amongst members.

By Devin Pangaro – January 5, 2023

In addition to the projections and road maps, prognostications and future trends, setting up for big things in 2023 is very much centered around building off the momentum generated in 2022. Take for example the influx of brands that joined the catalogue over the last calendar year. Keeping in tune with the demands of a legion of members, we’ve assembled a growing roster of nearly 1,000 brands bringing a surplus of savings on just about everything under the sun. From tactical to athletic, EDC essentials to eyewear, and more than enough gear to boost your fitness levels.


Who knew clogs could be so cushy? The charmed, well-ventilated, and extremely versatile slip-on just keeps on gaining steam amongst comfort-seeking Americans. With their leisure-first lineup available to GovX members at savings worth snagging, joining the Crocs revolution has never been easier. Lightweight, roomy, and water-friendly, the missing link to your footwear collection has officially landed.


Wherever you call home, showcasing a particular amount of love for where you hail from just feels natural. Great State Clothing Company and their collection of unique state pride apparel, NCAA football gear, and patriotic best sellers is now available to members who aren’t shy about letting the world know where they’re from. Express your freedom. But do it in a way that seamlessly fits into your own personal style.


Peel back enough layers on even the most stoic, battle-hardened individual and you’re sure to uncover a long dormant side that borders on the ridiculous. One that can be unapologetically self-described as a “maniac” or a “raging party monster”. Whatever it's called, it’s meant to be harnessed. Tapped into. Appreciated, even. Enter Pit Vipers. Forged for those who don’t think twice about letting things get a little weird, each pair of eyewear gives your face the needed push to command attention for all the reasons. And now they’re one of GovX’s bestsellers.


The all-mighty e-bike has certainly become a lifestyle staple in the last few years. There’s something inherently cool about hopping on your trusty mechanical steed and maneuvering your way through town or on the trails. The addition of QuietKat to the GovX catalogue takes the e-bike adventure even further. Meticulously designed to take on any terrain and armed with the features necessary to aid your hunting, camping, fishing, and outdoor experiences, this fleet more than earns its keep. Able to haul in excess of 300+ pounds, these bikes are built to carry your equipment, supplies, and your latest catch with ease.


Overlooking an essential portion of your outdoor loadout often comes with less-than-ideal results. After all, admiring nature’s astounding beauty just isn’t as special if you have to set up camp with subpar equipment. Helinox's line of innovative, lightweight gear helps keep adventurers exploring comfortably on and off the grid. From sunset chairs and elevated dog cots to headrests and seat warmers, they've got everything needed to level up your next experience in the American wilderness.


Coming straight from the 50th state, Dakine serves as a trusted name for gear ranging from backpacks to travel bags and more. Designed for those with a firm appreciation of outdoor activities, each piece of gear is constructed with superior craftsmanship and built to last for the long haul. So, whether you’re headed for the mountain or the surf, relying on Dakine to help shoulder the load is always the right decision.


There are numerous reasons to keep a headband firmly entrenched in your activewear rotation. It wicks sweat away, it keeps the hair out of your eyes, and it makes you look sleek in between sets if we don’t say so ourselves. With all that in mind, JUNK Brands bring a diverse selection of top choices for those who want to do more than just hide a bad hair day. Tactical? Check. Deadpool themed? You got it. Surf-styled? Affirmative.


Adhering to a relentless pursuit of physical improvement, Ten Thousand instills a sense of devotion in all their apparel. Designed for the daily grind, each piece is ready to assist the continuous sets, runs, lifts, and activities of the athletically-driven portion of the GovX community. Well-made, thoughtfully engineered, and extra comfortable for your most extreme workouts, building out your activewear collection for the better starts with making the right move.


Tough gear for your toughest workouts. That pretty much sums up GORUCK. American-made and designed for athletes of all calibers, this well-built brand comes correct with vast selection of bags and equipment made for burning calories and building some big muscles. Go pound for pound with your goals and get rucking.


Reaching your full potential isn’t done overnight. It’s the result of best practices, progress, and knowing exactly how to supplement your recovery process with exactly what your body needs. Founded by former Navy SEAL sniper, Thorne’s mission is to supply science-based health solutions aimed towards better living, longevity, and optimized health.


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