How the Affordable, Laid-Back Comfort of HEYDUDE Hits All the Marks

Slip-ons over traditional laces every day of the week.

By Devin Pangaro – March 14, 2023

I’ve got a confession to make. After acquiring two pairs of these chilled-out, lightweight elastic-laced beauties from HEYDUDE’s Wally Stretch and Wally Slub Canvas collections, I had tempered expectations for this review. See, here at GovX , delving into the leisurely lifestyle facet of the shoe world is a bit of a new thing for us. Sure, we introduced Crocs to a legion of loyal members last fall, but for the most part, our bread and butter is offering exclusive deals on top-brand boots and athletics shoes. The kind of hard-charging footwear that helps you hit a fitness goal or better serve your country or your community. So, exploring the highly affordable, high-quality Wally line was akin to treading new ground in so many ways. Making things easy on this appreciative reviewer, the innovative shoe crew at HEYDUDE submitted their best for approval.


First up is the ivory edition from The Wally Stretch lineup. Let me start by saying this – it's been unseasonably cold in San Diego this winter. Of course, that doesn’t compare to the artic crush felt in most parts of the country, but first the first time in a long time, there’s snow on the mountains here in SoCal. As such, I’ve decommissioned my usual slides as my dedicated daily, no-frills footwear. Taking the dog out for an AM walk? It’s Wally-time. Heading to Bar Trivia Night? Let me get these Wallys on. Making a grocery run? Break out the Wallys. This kind of do-everything, go-anywhere action is exactly where these specific HEYDUDEs thrive.

Designed with a cushioned ankle collar for maximum comfort, The Wally features HEYDUDE’s patented Flex & Fold Technology that allows the shoe to conform to your feet for lightweight stepping and all-day ease. Incredibly simple to slip on and off, and sporting a mildly rustic look, I can proudly say I’ve gotten more than a few “what are those?” comments out in the wild. While they’ve quickly become a crucial component of my winter arsenal, I don’t hesitate to say that they’ve earned a place in my all-season rotation. Once the weather warms, I won’t think twice about taking these easily washable, extremely durable foot huggers beachside. These come available in multiple colorways, so claim yours in your preferred shade on GovX.

THE WALLY Slub Canvas

Regardless of the model, HEYDUDE prides itself on supplying “sock-like comfort” throughout its entire shoe lineup. After rocking this variation of the Wallys for a few weeks, I’d say that might even be an understatement. These standouts from the collection embrace a vintage vibe resulting in a shoe that’s just as classy as it is cushy. Packing the same Flex & Fold technology and ultralight outsole as its counterpart, the uniqueness can be found in its medium-weight textile fabric, and unmistakable durability. The moment you sink your feet into these, you're in for something special. Plus, if you do what I do, and absent-mindedly step into a muddy puddle, you’ll be pleased to know that they’re incredibly easy to wash and air dry. Like their brothers in shoe bliss, they come in multiple colors.


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