Ten Essential Survival Gear Tools for the Prepared American

Load out with the best. Prepare for the worst.

By Brent Hannify – October 18, 2022

You look like the kind of American who’s ready for any challenge, no matter how horrifying. If you need to hit the road after a disaster hits, make sure you’re properly geared. If you’re looking for where to buy survival gear, explore the GovX catalog and put your exclusive membership to work to save on it all.
Let’s get started.

GOAL ZERO – Nomad 50 Solar Panel

Stay charged up with this four-panel, foldable solar solution that you can easily pack in your car. A favorite among the overlanding community, Goal Zero’s products are designed for staying out in the wilderness for the long haul. So when disaster strikes and you need to get out of dodge, make sure you’re powered up with Goal Zero for all your power needs, whether it’s cooking with electric grills or staying connected on all your devices.

CASE WINKLER – Recurve Utility Knife No. 6

A seriously sturdy bushcraft knife produced by a collaboration between W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company, Winkler Knives, and U.S. Navy SEAL veteran Harry Bologna, the Recurve is a survivalist’s go-to blade. Featuring a skeletonized, full tang blade of heavy gauge 80CRV2 carbon steel, it will hold its edge and give you years of reliable service. The ergonomic handle is engineered of canvas laminate, for a sure-gripped control of all nine and a half inches of fixed blade power. Use it for feathering wood, skinning animals, preparing food, or if things get really hairy, for self-defense.

READYWISE – Ready Grab Bag

This grab-and-go emergency food supply should be in every prepared man’s garage. If you’ve spent some time in the prepper community, the name Readywise should be pretty recognizable. They’re the proud purveyors of long term food storage that—surprise, surprise—actually tastes good. This 8-lb emergency go bag includes a convenient, grab-handle ready package for snatching on your way out the door, and includes 60 total servings of Readywise favorites. And when they’re not helping you fill out your underground bunker with enough food to last two apocalypses, they’re getting out onto the trail with camp-ready meals like Desert Chili Mac, Strawberry Granola Crunch, and Trailhead Beef and Noodles.

SHELLBACK TACTICAL – Skirmish Active Shooter Kit

One of the hard things about planning for the worst is not knowing what perils you’ll face. That’s why we’re recommending overpreparing here with this premium ballistic protection kit by Shellback Tactical. Complete with two Level IV armor plates and a fully adjustable carrier, this NIJ-certified kit is ideal for defending yourself and others in high-risk scenarios. By the way, if you’re looking for the definitive guide to ballistic protection levels, say no more.

LEATHERMAN – Surge Multi-Tool

No emergency go-bag is complete without a reliable multi-tool. The Surge is an American-made problem solver, a Leatherman for the ages so reliable that it’s one of our all-time bestsellers in the GovX catalog. With 21 total tools including pliers, wire cutters, spring-action scissors, can opener, and of course, two knives with both straight edge and serrated, the Surge is packed with capability.

NITECORE – MH12S 1800-Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight

If there’s ever an emergency where the power grid goes down, light the way with this bestselling Nitecore torch. This high performance tactical flashlight is a historical bestseller in the GovX gear collection. With a maximum output of 1800 lumens, this handheld torch can throw a beam an insane distance of over 321 yards. At only 5.5 inches long and just 5 ounces, it’s the perfect EDC flashlight, and a glorious return to the old days when men used actual flashlights to illuminate their world instead of their phone’s flashbulb. Pair it up with your Goal Zero solar panel and recharge the battery, which on its lowest setting can run for 1,500 hours.

SOLO STOVE – 3 Pot Set

Made of premium stainless steel and compatible with just about any campstove (including of course, Solo Stove’s own), this 3-pot set is a portable solution for meal prep on the road or in the wilderness. Stores into itself in an extremely compact package and sturdy enough long trips, the 3-Pot set is all function and no fluff.

COOPERS BAY OUTDOORS – LiteWeight Hiker Twig Stove

If you’re the kind of survivalist who prefers to keep your pack ultra light, check out this convenient little twig stove for a food prep solution that won’t weigh you down. When every ounce in your pack counts, this stainless steel stove folds up and packs down into a convenient sleeve for easy transportation. When set up, the corners fit snugly together and becomes a rigid compartment for burning twigs and dead leaves and cooking up a quick meal. Weighs just 14.5 ounces and comes with a durable nylon carry case. Convenient, primal, and awesome.

QuietKat – Ranger E-Bike

You never know what kind of disaster you’ll face. Perhaps roads will be impassable and require you to travel into the wilderness? There’s no better travel ally than the Ranger E-Bike from QuietKat, purveyors of world class electric bikes that are especially popular in the hunting community. This fat tired powerhouse has a max range of 38 miles, with all-terrain tires for tackling inclines and unstable ground. The powerful hub-drive motor gives you up to 1000w of power directly to the rear wheel, giving you consistent power in all gears. It’s a survivalist’s bike, through and through.

QUIKCORD – Handheld Paracord Tool

Down range, paracord can be your best friend. Versatile, simple, and sturdy, parachute cord can be used for a huge variety of survivalist’s tasks. Tie it around a hand-drill to make a fire. Use it to rig up a shelter. Tie it around a blade’s handle for a convenient grip. You can even use it to set up traps to catch animals in the wild. The uses are practically endless, but one downside is if packed improperly, paracord can get twisted and become a nuisance when the last thing on your survival’s agenda is untangling stubborn knots. That’s where the QUIKCORD comes in, a convenient handheld utility tool that carrys, deploys, and cuts 550 paracord in tactical situations. This kit includes 20-feet of paracord and a built-in blade to cut cord exactly where you need it. It even comes with a chemlight. Perfect for tossing in the trunk of your car or a go-bag.


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