The Undeniable Comfort of TOMMY JOHN Underwear and Apparel

Start taking your skivvies just a little more seriously.

By Devin Pangaro – November 28, 2022

You’d be forgiven if you haven’t been placing a premium on what you wear under all that glorious gear. Perhaps, you’ve gone years without upgrading these hallowed foundations of any wardrobe, and now you’re sporting holes where there shouldn’t be holes. Or you’ve collected a legion of discounted 3-packs from your local superstore, only to discover that they don’t exactly support as active of a lifestyle as you’d like.

It’s time to address the truth that all underwear isn’t created equal. Fortunately for GovX members, Tommy John and their advanced lineup of legendarily comfortable boxers, briefs, trunks, and leisurewear are now available to snag at deals too hard to pass up.

Second Skin Mid-Length Boxer Brief 6"

It’s been said that a little bit of length goes a long way. Take for instance The Second Skin Mid-Length Boxer Brief 6”, a new and improved addition to the Tommy John collection. Clocking in at twice as durable as the previous incarnation, this brief incorporates a 6’’ inseam for unequaled coverage and support that stays hidden. Additionally, the Stay-Put waistband does exactly what it says it does by keeping rolling, pinching, and bunching completely out of the equation. Though not designed for athletic pursuits (try opting for 360 Sport line instead), these are more than worthy of being worked into your regular rotation.

Air Hammock Pouch™ Trunk 4"

Okay, so this one forced me to do a little research on the term “bat wing”, and I'll spare you the details. Just know that by providing ample support and separation, the innovative inner pouch keeps this aptly named malady from ever rearing its ugly...head. For those who like to keep things short, this pair offers many of the same winning features that the brief does, along with additional comfort and breathability by way of the pouch.

Women's Zen Ribbed Jogger

There’s unmistakable peace to be found in the staples of everyday life. Whether that’s a cup of your favorite coffee, a warm bath, or even slipping into a familiar pair of joggers after a long day of work. Tommy John’s chilled out, tapered standout from their loungewear collection is the cozy choice for staying in for the night or running some light errands around town. The all-over ribbed texture generates a uniquely soft feel from ankles to hips.

360 Sport Trunk 4"

A strict workout regimen is to be saluted. It also needs to be supported with the right undergarments. The 360 Sport Trunk 4’’ serves as a strong foundation for all your fitness aspirations. Boasting 360 stretch fabric, you never have to worry about another wedgie getting in the way of your weightlifting, running, or stretching. The anti-microbial and anti-odor construction keeps you smelling fresh from warm-up to cool down, and the 4" inseam provides just the right fit.

Women's Air High Rise Brief

A brief that reaches new heights. Dedicated to daily adventures, this lightweight performer comes up big for the woman who’s constantly on the move. Engineered with a cool cotton gusset for exemplary

freshness and advanced breathability, confidence is sure to be found whenever you open your undies drawer. Add on a NO VPL (Visible Panty Line) guarantee and you’re all set to power through your day without an issue.

Women's SleekHeat™ Long John Top

For the inhabitants of inclement weather, this technologically advanced top keeps you warm as the base for your layered look outdoors and prevents you from overheating when you’re in. The streamlined fit is made to move with you, never to restrict you or bunch up underneath your parka. Super soft and featherlight, this one proves that the right long john more than serves its purpose.

Second Skin Crew Neck Stay-Tucked Undershirt

No more bacon neck. Say it one more time for the people in the back. This undershirt takes the fight against the wrinkly, crinkly, unsightly neck area by introducing the lay flat, stretch rib Memory Collar to keep things smooth for the long run. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about this one reaching an early expiration date, as it clocks in at 30% more stretch and recovery than their original undershirt and won’t lose its shape. Add in a patented design that ensures it never gets untucked, and you just uncovered a new contender for your favorite undershirt.


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