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The Patriotic Grit and Savage Instinct of BORN PRIMITIVE Apparel

You get the sense from talking to the Born Primitive team that if they weren’t training, they’d be dragging a fresh kill back to their lair or fashioning an obsidian axe with a piece of flint. No wonder their tagline is “Made for the modern savage.” The way the men and women running this athletic brand see it, a lion instinctively knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve and die.

When you look at your own life in such savage terms, it becomes considerably clearer to see the value of physical training, and the apparel you wear in pursuit of your goals. That’s what the veteran-owned apparel brand Born Primitive, has been about since day one.

This athlete-driven, patriotically inspired apparel company is owned and operated by an active duty military family. We won’t go into any more detail than that. Truthfully, they asked us not to. It shall suffice to say that the military professionals behind this brand prefer to remain quiet professionals while getting their apparel into the hands of those Americans who want to become faster lions.

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But being active duty means you’ve got to rely on the help of others to run the daily operation of the brand. Seven Born Primitive team members are spouses of active duty members. One retired law enforcement officer works on staff. From the moment they started their brand in a garage, every Born Primitive team member has had a connection to an American service community.

“Balancing both active duty life and Born Primitive operations is a really tough task,” said the brand’s COO. “When you mix in the travel requirements for both jobs it can be a lot to manage. Deployments present challenges, and leave days are spent on brand business, so there is not a lot of down time.”

Aside from their own personal connections to the military and first responder community, Born Primitive feels that Americans of service are a tough bunch operating in an otherwise softening society. The way they see it, the modern generation is growing soft. Too many people feel entitled to quick thrills and instant gratification without wanting to put the hard work into it. The strongest members of the military and first responder community train hard because their jobs depend on it, and the people they serve rely on them. That’s why Born Primitive apparel is designed to perform where it truly matters.

When you’ve perfected your form to be as instinctive as breathing, you want apparel that doesn’t inhibit your movement, and that’s where the American Defender Shorts come in. They were designed for all-purpose training with lightweight, Quick-Dry, moisture wicking fabric and a 4-way stretch spandex crotch panel for maximum mobility and comfort. They also feature a discreet Velcro and removable drawstring closure, so you can customize it to your liking. Whether your training is mixed martial arts, water sports, or fast-moving gym workouts, the Defender Shorts will help you get after it.

On the ladies’ side, Born Primitive has women’s backs as well. And their fronts. (Ahem.) The Crossfire Sports Bra is made of a custom nylon/lycra fabric that moves so well, many customers end up wearing them instead of their regular bras. For women with more muscular builds (which is kind of the point of choosing Born Primitive), the straps are designed to avoid the common, painful shoulder dig-in that many sports bras cause. Their sports bras now have over 4,000 five-star reviews from happy customers all over the world, and they are only continuing to approve their lineup.

Anyone can become a clothing company. But Born Primitive was created to honor a patriotically inspired, community mission. The mission of military servicemembers, first responders, and law enforcement pros serving causes greater than themselves. And the brand tangibly supports these causes. They created a specialized line of apparel called the “Defy Impossible Collection” to directly support the Adaptive Training Foundation, a charitable organization that empowers those with physical disabilities to transform their lives through exercise and community. Many of the athlete they support are wounded veterans, some of whom lost limbs in Iraq and Afghanistan. 100% of the profits from the Defy Impossible Collection went to the foundation.

Additionally, they regularly donate to other veteran and first responder charities, including Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.), 555 Firefighter Fitness, and the Navy SEAL Foundation. In 2019, they stayed true to their ethos and donated over $100,000 to charity.

Born Primitive makes no excuses and offers no apologies. It doesn’t tolerate neither the weak willed and champions only the strong. If that’s the kind of goal setting you can wrap your mind around, then get after it right here.

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