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GovX has books? GovX has books. Get the lowdown on the writing team of Andrews & Wilson, two Navy Vets bringing their bestselling series of military novels to American readers like you.
We’re not gonna come out and say you should spend less time on Facebook this year. But either way, the following accounts make a good case for going full TikTok.
You’ll need more than luck to outlast the outbreak. Inspired by HBO’s hit series, here’s our official gear guide for The Last of Us.
These newcomers logged some serious shine time in 2022. Join us for a look back at the latest and greatest drops of the last year.
Did you know that “infamy” was originally left out President Roosevelt’s speech? We’ve unpacked even more little-known facts on the Pearl Harbor attack.
Ryan “Birdman” Parrott plans to achieve impossible—to run a marathon, swim a race, and perform a skydive … on each of the seven continents … in just seven days.
The GovX Gives Back program reaches a new milestone in its support of nonprofits serving the military, first responder, and law enforcement communities.
Ask any veteran fire-paramedic, and they’ll tell you Halloween can be a pretty strange night to work a shift. But it can also be a rewarding one.
Plus, how this former sniper uses his custom F-150, built with the DECKED Drawer System, to fuel his life.
Retired Col. Kim “Killer Chick” Campbell on flying, fighting, and inspiring the next generation of aviators.
After crushing the world record by running a 10:23 mile in an 85-pound suit, a US Army company commander takes aim at her next challenge.
Memorial Day is a moment where we can and should remember not only those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of freedom and democracy, but those who proudly wear the uniform every day.
Veteran Nick Thayer on the move-and-shoot games that changed his life … and might change yours.
Phil K.
An interview with the National Book Award Winner on citizenship in a time of invisible war.
The mission of Active Valor is to support Gold Star Families, those who’ve lost a military family member in the line of duty.
A cautionary tale about cats, COVID, and the finer details of deployment life. Original nonfiction by US Marine Ben Kent.
Scene from action movie Ambulance
Three firefighter/paramedics weigh in on the new blow-up-everything movie from Michael Bay.
From bringing the heat to fighting the heat. Former MLB pitcher Justin Haley becomes a full-fledged firefighter.
Here’s a story we never get tired of telling. It involves an A-10, a push into Baghdad, and a pilot with the callsign “Killer Chick.”
Before they were the Commander-in-Chief, these men served valiantly in the air, the land, and the sea.
In honor of the 75th anniversary of the United States Air Force, let’s have some fun before the big game.
Emergency medical workers nationwide are exposed to death and trauma every single day. And yet they keep going.
Can you think of any American better qualified to totally crush a skiing-and-shooting competition than a National Guardsman from Vermont?
Founded in 1941, the USO is best known for its live performances for deployed troops featuring famous celebrities and comedians.
Hustle up, team. We’ve got a plane to fish out the water.
A little girl owes her life to the quick actions of an on-patrol LAPD sergeant. Hero at work right here.
Dark and offensive humor is your territory, and we’re here for it. Especially when it appears in five-star reviews on GovX product pages.
Team Rubicon volunteer chainsawing a fallen tree
In the aftermath of a massive storm that passed through Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, and Mississippi, “Greyshirt” volunteers with TEAM RUBICON immediately responded.
Did you know the Americans captured a Japanese POW that day? On the 80th anniversary of the attack, here’s ten facts you may not know about.
Stipe is our kind of guy—an American we’re especially proud to have in our corner.
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