The 2024 GOVX San Diego

Half Marathon & 5K


Full disclosure: I’m not a numbers guy. In fact, I was so colossally bad at math as a youth, that it skewed my SAT scores and I had to take a remedial Algebra course before I could officially start college. However, I do recognize the importance of data, the value of analytics, and the sheer power of statistics. Especially as it pertains to athletic pursuits. Now that some time has passed since the 2024 GOVX San Diego Half Marathon & 5K, it seemed only fitting to take a fun look at the figures that helped define an epic weekend for all those involved.

The total number of swag bags dispersed by TEAM GOVX during the official Expo/Packet Pickup on Friday and Saturday, March 21st-22nd at the GOVX booth. For those who swooped up one of these stacked units of first-rate freebies, they automatically supplemented their fitness journey with gifts from the likes of Fresh Clean Threads, Frog Fuel Collagen Protein, UMZU, Grinds Coffee Pouches, Fire Dept. Coffee, Ryno Power, organifi, and more. All great brands. All available right now on GOVX.


The number of miles ran by those who traversed the streets, parks, and downtown San Diego sights in less than stellar weather to finish the half marathon strong. For runners opting for the 5K portion of the race, the 3.1 mile represented a shorter, yet equally worthy challenge.


As in the 13th annual marathon held right here in America’s Finest City. This year also marked our first year serving as the title sponsor, an honor we’re set to repeat in 2025. Be sure to check back once registration for next year’s marathon opens.

The fastest time clocked this year by half marathon champion and 5k full course finisher Jackson Friseth of Lafayette, Colorado. The fleet-footed Friseth finished first overall with a 5.23 minutes per mile pace. Remarkable. Bravo Zulu to you, Jackson.


The amount of limited edition GOVX Challenge Coins given out to GOVX members who participated and finished this year’s race. Conveying the spirit of the city and invoking a sense of civic pride, each coin was designed to be the ultimate memento by our talented in-house design team.

That’s the number of qualified entries for this year’s race. The GOVX community, as expected, was well-represented. Counted amongst the legion of runners included active and former duty military, firefighters, police, and even a handful of intrepid

San Diego-office GOVX employees.


The impressively massive measurements of our all-new, eye-popping GOVX inflatable. The marathon was a bit of a coming-out party for the logo, as it proved to be a primo spot for photo opportunities. Expect it to make cameo appearances anywhere we have a presence.


The maximum amount of time given to complete the half marathon. That’s a 16:02 per mile pace for those keeping score at home.

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