The Runner's Guide to the 2024 GOVX San Diego Half Marathon and 5K

A speedy rundown of event details and gear recommendations.

By Devin Pangaro – March 19, 2024

As far as marathons go, they can be massively habit forming – and that’s a good thing. You rise early, you train, you prep, and you run. It’s not an opportunity to truly do something that challenges you, it also ingrains you in a supportive community that embraces every step.

This is amongst the very reasons why we’re so hyped to serve as the title sponsor for the 2024 GOVX San Diego Half Marathon and 5K. Held right here in our own hometown, we’ll be on hand for the first time welcoming in thousands of runners for the 13th annual marathon.

With the route consisting of five miles of waterfront, multiple historic communities and parks, and an epic finish in the Gaslamp section of downtown San Diego, this is one marathon that should make every runners list.

Date and Time

Sunday, March 24th

Half Marathon 6:50 AM 

5K – 6:30 AM

Entry Includes

Technical fabric short-sleeve shirt

Custom finisher’s meal

Souvenir clinch bag

Half Marathon Legacy Program


Half Marathon - 13.1 Miles

(5,000 participant max)

5k - 3.1 Miles (1,000 participant max)



For high mileage marathoners, not just any shoe will do. It’s paramount that you find a pair that can provide the comfort necessary to go the extra mile. Meet the Ghost 15 from Brooks Running. The long-running flagship shoe of the gear leader has a proven track of performing when and where it counts for seasoned sprinters and those just finding the motivation to get off the couch. Boasting a simple yet uncomplicated design, the Ghost 15 grants superior cushioning to the wearer and distraction-free smooth reliability on your runs.


By now, you should be keenly aware of the elite athletes that compose Under Armour’s roster. This is a celebrated brand that extends across every avenue of the sports and fitness world, and running is no exception. The best of the best however is the Charged Pursuit 3 shoes. Lightweight and impact-resistant, this edition is primed to pound some ground and get you where you’ve got to go, marathon or not. Earning high marks for flexibility, durability, and traction, making your next move in these is the way to go.


You weren’t going to do this barefoot, were you? Deciding on what you slip on under your shoe doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. These fan favorites come in a 2-pack of targeted cushioning, odor-eliminating breathable construction, and ace arch support at the heel and toe.

We’ll give it to you straight: GOVX carries plenty of brands that come correct with quality running shorts. However, we keep circling back to these bad boys from Born Primitive. Maximizing mobility and ideal for multi-purpose activities, these are quick to dry and built to inspire confidence every time you put ‘em on.

Sure, you could go with leggings, but where’s the fun in that? Brooks Running continues to dominate our recommendation list with this stay-put, short liner, customizable, chafe-free short. Designed with enough room to hold all your essentials, sporting these shorts makes any running goal feel obtainable.

Sometimes, you’ve got to turn the intensity up. Go harder, run longer, you get the deal. This moisture-wicking base layer has everything you need to take it to the next level and look damn good while doing it. Packed with antimicrobial technology to eliminate odors and reflective detailing low-light runs, your next go-to is waiting.

Brooks has a way of establishing running gear that continues to evolve for the better. Kind of like you. Combining style with performance, the third version of the Distance Short Sleeve makes its presence felt with a super-soft construction and run-ready distraction-free design.

Run prepared and see results. Engineered with sweat-proof webbing, the newest version of Ultraspire’s Race Vest arrives with double holsters for storing double the bottle waters. Upgraded with a breathable and lightweight feel, this truly unique runner’s accessory can also comfortably stash your smartphone. Mid-race selfies anyone?

Make no mistake, the sun is not your ally. Neither is sweaty hair. Keep both out of your face by employing some handy headgear for the hustle. This airy champion provides extra protection against the wind, heat, and rain and packs down for easy storage.

If you’re aspiring to hit more than one marathon this year, you’re going to want to start taking your recovery just as seriously as you do your training. Space-conscious and insanely powerful, the pint-sized version of the popular Theragun has quickly became an athlete-favorite for its percussive, pain-relieving qualities.

When you need that extra focus to finish strong, adding a specially formulated supplement to your pre-race planning can be a major difference maker. That’s why BUCKED UP has your back. Delivering all the energy, endurance, pump, and performance to get you over the hump, keeping your brain in step with your body is what it’s all about.

It’s not music, it’s the soundtrack of the runner’s journey. Listen up, the race is long and you’re going to want to bring your own jams. Stream your heart out with up to 30 hours of battery life in a waterproof, dustproof package.

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