Serving Again: Country Music Star Craig Morgan Shares His Reasons for Re-enlisting at Age 59

This Army vet ain’t done yet.

After retiring from duty upon serving 9 ½ years in the US Army as a member of the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions and another 6 ½ as a member of the reserves, Craig Morgan went back to his Tennessee roots to become the Billboard-charting Country Music Artist behind the hit singles “Almost Home”, “Bonfire”, and “That’s What I Love About Sunday”. Keeping close to the military community, he’s also performed at bases and on USO tours displaying a never-ending support to those who serve and raising donations for veteran non-profits. With his name in the news recently for re-enlisting, he stopped by GOVX to let us in on his decision.

In 2022 after performing at a military event, I was approached by Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn, and her Deputy State Director and Military Advisor, John Clement. They said “you do so much for the military, and we know that you served. Is there anything that we can do for you?”

Immediately, and without hesitation, I shared that I previously served 17 1/2 years in the Army and Army Reserve and the one thing I regret is not finishing my 20 years. I told them I’ve always felt as if I quit something when I left the military. In fact, it may have been the only thing I have ever quit. Music is my livelihood, and I love it, but being a soldier, husband, and father is who I am.

Within a very short time, I received a phone call from John asking me if I was serious about going back to the Army. Again, without hesitation, I said absolutely. Fast forward about eight months and I’m standing on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry, with my right hand in the air, taking the oath of service in the United States Army Reserve.

I realized at that moment that we were a part of history as it was the first time anyone had enlisted in the military on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. And for me, it was an opportunity to marry my two passions, music and military; however, make no mistake, my God and my family are the two most important aspects of both worlds.

Being in the Army and being presented with opportunities to experience life in ways that I otherwise would not have been able to have given me such a great appreciation for the freedoms that we celebrate in this great nation.

As I have written about in my memoir, God, Family, Country, some of my greatest memories happened while I was serving in the United States Army.

I still believe I have a lot to offer our country through my service in the Army Reserve and am humbled to once again join the ranks of my brothers and sisters in arms/uniform. I'm going to work with the military in whatever way they deem necessary and will adhere to the orders that my leaders give me, including encouraging others to serve. We are the greatest nation in the world, and we can only become greater by people within this country being willing to serve one another.

In the same way that I will always serve my family, I will always attempt to be of service to our great nation. I am thankful to God for this opportunity to once again be part of a group of people that I believe are the greatest of Americans and I pray that, in an attempt to be all I can be, I will in some way encourage others to be all they can be not only to their family and God but to our country.

Here we go again!

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