CALTRANS --- Public Information Officer

When you work in the public sector, patience is pretty much a prerequisite. After all, you’re going to hear about it when things go wrong. You’re going to hear about it when things go right. You’re even going to hear about it when things are expected to go wrong, but miraculously end up going right. That’s the life of a pro who not only serves the local government– but the people as well.

For GOVX member and Caltrans Public Information Officer Tyler H., a major part of his daily duties centers around interacting with the local community, addressing their concerns, and leaving them in place of understanding and clarity regarding all plans and projects. Here’s how he makes a difference.


Tyler's turned problem-solving in an artform. He’s the guy that answers the calls when a road light goes out or a massive city project is mucking up your commute home. Got permit questions? He’s got permit answers. Need to fast track a service request? He’s your man.

With previous stints as an Investigator with the State License Board and Department of Insurance under his belt, he’s settled in with his family right here in San Diego at his current post. As many of us here at GOVX can attest to, the recent Southern California winter was a considerably wet one. As the city’s infrastructure flooded, Tyler faced a myriad of new challenges with each incoming storm. Receiving and delivering updates on roads closures, monitoring recently dispatched crews while they check drainage levels, staying in constant contact with maintenance supervisors, and responding to those dealing with damage to their homes and property.

“To me, that’s what Caltrans is all about. We came together with a common goal to keep the roadways working and help people during a difficult time.”

Reflecting on his duties, Tyler keep a strong perspective even as the pressure mounts.

“At the end of the day, it’s important to me that the person on the other of the line gets their questions answered and leaves the call with a positive outlook on their situation, Caltrans, and what their government can do for them.”

A proud husband and girl dad, life outside normal working hours is primarily spent with his loved ones. As an active GOVX member, he regularly uses his membership to save on Padres tickets and Disneyland admission, treating his family to some quality time together. We thank Tyler for his service to his community and look forward to connecting with him again soon. Just hopefully it’s not because The 5 is a mess.

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