An Inside Look at the All-New GOVX Commercials

Quiet on the set, please.

By Devin Pangaro – June 13, 2023

It’s been a minute since we last hit your screens and with a fresh round of commercials made to get the GOVX message across. About a year to be exact. Though it’s not every day you get to team up with an MMA champ, active firefighter, and all-around high-caliber individual like Stipe Miocic as we did in 2022, this year presented a unique opportunity to build on the successful campaigns of the past and get back to the core of what we’re all about.

Newly refocused, we combed the country in search of creative agencies that could bring our ideas to life. Ideas, being the optimal word. We wanted to approach this year’s campaign from multiple angles, one educational and ultimately inspiring. The other, built for laughs with a more light-hearted tone. With the help of our new friends, we think we nailed it.

Here's how it all went down:

Joining creative forces with WolfPak Films, a San Diego agency based right here in our own backyard, we prepped the GOVX convoy for a long day of shooting smack dab in the middle of the California desert. Armed with a clear and concise objective to showcase the diversity of those who qualify for GOVX membership, the benefits that come from being a member, and the importance of supporting veteran and first responder non-profits, now was time to bring it all together.

With WolfPak working hard to bring our script to life, we were witness to a master class in commercial production through the performances, direction, special effects, and set pieces that made us feel like we were ingrained in the action. From fake gas stations on fire to a mock emergency helicopter rescue, there’s an inescapable cinematic quality that drops you into the world where heroes make a difference.

To earn the attention of others you’ve got to be willing to entertain the masses. With a healthy amount of premium gear packed into our travel bags we headed to the Rocky Mountain State to pair up with the digital media pros at Lumenati, a Denver-based creative agency. When not pumping out first-class ads for GOVX partners such as Ten Thousand, Olukai, and BrüMate, the Lumenati team can be found brainstorming ideas over kickflips in their in-office skatepark or getting some fresh ink in their full-service tattoo studio.

With one setting, one actor, and all that sweet gear, the plans were put into motion to get Tom and “Future Tom” in front of the cameras. Taking notes from Looper (2012), Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989), and the Back to the Future trilogy, it was paramount that we showed the potential that comes from tapping into a GOVX membership and saving epically. It’s also meant to make you laugh. Something that you’ll want to show to your significant other or bowling league buddy. A commercial that won’t make you cringe when it pops up before your favorite show or in between innings of the ballgame. If early reactions mean anything, we have a feeling that Tom (and his fully loaded counterpart) might just make a return in the future.

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