GovX Just Partnered up With Stipe Miocic, MMA Champ and Ohio Firefighter


Team GovX is proud —

and perhaps a little overexcited—to announce we've joined forces with Stipe Miocic, MMA heavyweight champion and a current Ohio firefighter to welcome more deserving Americans to the GovX ranks and give back to nonprofits serving you and your families.

We're happy to have him on board, and not just because we're physically intimidated by the fact that he's 6'4", 234 pounds, and has the physique of a full-size SUV.

Just kidding. Aside from the fact that Stipe looks like the kind of guy you'd be a fool to mess with, he's one of the kindest dudes I've personally ever had the privilege to meet. Five minutes after shaking his hand, he was showing me funny TikTok videos. By midday, he had my boss on his lap like some kind of fist-fighting Croatian-American Santa Claus.

We're fired up to make awesome stuff happen with this legend of the cage.

Here's what’s coming from our new alliance with Stipe Miocic:

A new round of GovX commercials

First up, we just got done filming our new round of commercials starring Stipe. We spent the day with a film crew in Valley View, OH just outside of Cleveland, shooting the first half of the afternoon at Stipe's fire house, and the second at his training gym.

Is it just me, or are firefighters the funniest people in the country? It's the constant, hilarious-yet-loving shit-talk they throw at each other. It's the casual calm with which they recount stories of nearly getting blown up by chemical fires. It's the cool and quick wit, tinged with that signature dark humor that comes naturally to people who deal with disasters, trauma, and daily emergencies. In other words, when Stipe and his firefighter buddies weren’t filming shots, we were laughing our asses off with them.

For the second part of the afternoon, we visited Strong Style Gym in Indendence, OH, which has been Stipe's training facility of choice since the early days of his MMA career.

There, Stipe made us all feel bad about our personal fitness routines as we watched him absolutely wreck his training regimen for the commercial's action shots. He was crushing it. I watched him do an obscene number of pull-ups that made me question how many I could do. With every punch and kick, he made the heavy bag reconsider its life choices. He laid thundering body shots onto his trainer in the cage, a man who, even with the amount of padding he was wearing, is braver than I will ever be.

Stipe's Corner, a new way of giving back to our nonprofits

We're also proud to launch Stipe's Corner, a new monthly give-back effort to support nonprofits serving the military and first responder communities. Every month, Stipe will choose a product or a brand in our catalog, and we'll donate 5% of the proceeds to that month's GovX Gives Back nonprofit.

First up? It's FIRE DEPT COFFEE, one of the newest brands in the GovX catalog. Founded by a veteran and run by active-duty firefighters, this brand roasts and sells nothing but the finest bean juice for Americans of service, and fuels up first responders nationwide.

It was a natural fit, considering Stipe has appeared with these funny dudes before.

Go score yourself some FIRE DEPT COFFEE at during the inaugural run of Stipe's Corner, because proceeds from this month's sales will support FirefighterAid, our longtime partner that's dedicated to serving firefighters and their families nationwide.

More to come

We're beyond excited to have Stipe on board our mission to serve the GovX community of patriots and professionals. He's an incredible fighter, an invaluable member of the Valley View Fire Department crew, someone you should follow on Instagram, and whose podcast you should listen to.

Our new round of TV commercials is entering post-production now and we can't wait to share them with America. Don't forget to grab yourself a bag of FIRE DEPARTMENT COFFEE or the man pictured here will find you and … and … probably show you a funny TikTok video.

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