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How the Newly Revamped GOVX GEAR is Designed for Your Training

  • by GovX

A common refrain among Americans of service—most often first responders—is that physical training helps them be better at their jobs. Take Justin Herzog, for example, the San Diego-based firefighter and former CrossFit athlete. He has always held that being good at physical training makes him a better firefighter, and turned him into a kind of ambassador for firefighter fitness.

“Our job is extremely difficult, and just carrying all the gear is its own workout,” he says. “Our hearts take the brunt of this workload, especially at fires in hyperthermic conditions. You’ve got 50 to 100 extra pounds on you, your adrenaline is racing, urgency is screaming at you, and your body is draining with every step.”

Physical training—whether it’s CrossFit, HIIT, circuit training, or your own personal home gym routine—is essential for maintaining the kind of physical readiness your job demands. If you’re front-line infantry, you could be assaulting a position at full sprint. If you’re a police officer, you need to be strong enough to pull someone out of a burning car, carry someone to safety, or chase down and restrain a suspect. The list of physical demands Americans of all uniformed services face is as diverse as it is long.

That’s why GovX is proud to bring you the latest evolution in our active apparel line. Better, high-performing fabrics. A more streamlined, accurate fit. Strategic details built into each garment designed to support your training and your activities. All new apparel for men and women, built around the idea of maximizing your athletic performance so you can be a better American of service.

Here’s a look at some of the standouts in the new collection:

The Men’s Archon Shorts

Available in both 5-inch and 7-inch length, including a version with an interior liner, the Archon short is the ideal PT short. The four-way stretch fabric gives you all the mobility you can ask for, and the lightweight profile keeps you moving during your toughest sessions. Stow essentials in carefully positioned zippered pockets that won’t disturb the flow of your training. The shorts in the Archon lineup are ideal for HIIT training, strength days, circuit training, and warm weather runs. Pretty much anything you can throw at ’em, these will get the job done.

The Women’s Artemis Line

Functionally designed to support every movement, every motion, and every reach and rep and run, the entries in the Women’s Artemis lineup are ideal training allies. Rock your mixed-training workout in the 3.5-inch Artemis Shorts, and jog with confidence in cooler weather with the Artemis High-Rise Ankle Leggings, with a high-waisted fit with a smooth, fold-over waistband.

Oh, and the leggings come with port and starboard side pockets. We heard you loud and clear on that one.  

The Men’s Amphibious Boardshorts

Summer is just around the corner and personally, we can’t wait to get in the water. And we’ll be doing so—at least the dudes will—in a pair of new GovX Gear Amphibious Boardshorts. These cut right through the crest to meet the needs of our community who take surfing, skimboarding, paddleboarding, and any other activity that involves achieving impressive feats on a body of water. Equipped with rubber grommets to drain out all the excess water and keep you from riding weighed down, each pair is durably crafted to survive your most wicked wipeouts and triumphant barrels.

Your athletic apparel choices matter

When you wear the right clothes for the right activity, there’s one less obstacle in your way to executing the perfect form. The perfect squat, deadlift, or bent-over row. There’s nothing that can mess up your form faster than an ill-fitting garment, a bunched-up hemline, or a scratchy seam. That’s why GovX Gear is designed to address all those concerns, with moisture-wicking fabrics, flatlock seams that glide over the skin, and strategic paneling that moves naturally with the body.  

What you see above is just a fraction of the new apparel available in the 2022 GovX Gear apparel line. We designed it with your training and activities in mind, and we hope you add it to your collection, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.  

Shop the entire collection right here.