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Ten Epic Brands With GovX ID Discounts You Need to Know About

  • by GovX

Brands are joining the GovX mission at an exciting pace. In case you haven’t heard, GovX is the new online hub where brands offer products and service to Americans with uniformed backgrounds like you. GovX members get a unique code to use on each participating brand’s store for their exclusive discount.

You may have already enjoyed shopping some of the bestsellers with your GovX ID. Gear from GoRuck, hunting apparel and equipment from KUIU, and T-shirts from Zero Foxtrot, to name a few. But GovX is home to hundreds more unique brands you need to check out. Let’s get started:


When we set out to build the largest network of brands and services offering discounts to American who serve their country and communities, we expected a great deal of patriotic brands to sign up.

It doesn’t get much more patriotic than Allegiance Flag Supply, purveyors of one thing and one thing only: Old Glory. Sourced, stitched, and supported every step of the way right here in the USA—as God intended—you can get the ultimate American flag and save at checkout through Allegiance Flag Supply.


Trusted by over 500 federal, state, and local agencies and boasting over 50,000 customers, Head Veteran manufactures battle-tested ballistic helmets and protective head gear. They make a point to employ veterans—you know, the sort of people who’ve actually worn these things—and they listen to the feedback and respond to the unique needs of law enforcement and military units nationwide. They never let a single helmet leave their facility without rigorous testing, and they publish their results including compression, blunt impact, and ballistic penetration data on their website.


We had the privilege of enjoying stunningly delicious Wagyu beef from The Meatery in our guide to cooking the perfect steak. What is Wagyu? It’s beef that comes from cows raised and fed with so much care that they should really have their own security detail. We’re talking 24-7 armed guard with an impressive surveillance system, because beef this good is the kind of thing that inspires people to form a hotshot crew and stage a daring heist. Actually, that would probably make for a pretty fun Netflix movie.  


Speaking of grilling meat, get a load of the Burch Barrel, a charcoal or wood fired grill that instantly becomes the gathering point in the American wilderness. Standard fire pits ain’t got anything on this durable, portable heating and grilling solution. Circle up around this easy to set up, 6-foot tall fire hub, grab a beer, and let the good times burn bright as the sun gets low.


We’re big fans of those brands that provide solutions to problems you don’t often think about. That fill needs you didn’t know needed filling. This headwear brand includes their namesake notch in the brim that slides down over your sunglasses instead of fighting for space on your face. Each hat is available with two types of notch choices: The Standard notch, best with wrap-around and sport-style glasses and the Terra notch, which fits over wayfarers and wider frames. But say you just like the hat but you’re not so wild about the notch? They’ve got you covered there too, with each hat available in a notch-less versions too.


Founded by a US Army combat veteran in 2017, Frag Out Flavor is the proud slinger of savory seasonings and rubs for just about any animal in existence. And you know, vegetables. Because if we’re gonna be forced to eat our vegetables, we’d at least like them to taste like honey BBQ or maple bacon. Gluten free, blended in the USA, and approved by the finest patriots on American soil, Frag Out Flavor is ready to infuse your next backyard get-together with an extra serving of freedom. And yes, they sell tactical aprons.


Here at GovX we strongly believe that a skill that should be in every American’s repertoire is the ability to start a fire. There’s something primordially awesome about it, right? That’s why we’re directing your attention to EXOTAC, the outdoor and survival gear brand that specializes sleek and functional products for the off-the-grid lifestyle. Their flagship nanoSTRIKER has a unique all-in-one design that puts all the tools you’ll need to start a fire in one small, EDC-friendly package.


Speaking of outdoor gear, Forloh makes apparel for just about any climate you can think of. Hell, you could probably have a decent camping trip in Antarctica by gearing up with their Cold Weather Collection. (Note: This advice should not be taken literally. I’m forced to say that for legal reasons.) What sets Forloh gear apart from competitors? Well for one, it’s all exclusively made right here in the United States, which should catch the attention of outdoorsmen who want to adventure without the sneaking suspicion that most of their gear was made in China. Ruggedly designed and built with technically proficient materials made to withstand the elements, Forloh is the American-made outdoor apparel you’re looking for.


Overlanders, listen up. The HitchFire is an ingenious hitch-mounted propane gas grill that will instantly make every other camper in the vicinity insanely jealous. Take your grilling wherever the road takes you with this heavy duty portable grill that can be adjusted to a variety of heights. A nice bonus: By mounting it to your trailer hitch before you hit the road, you’re able to save valuable trunk space.


We’ve said much about our friends at Fire Dept Coffee. Run by active duty and veteran firefighters, this brand roasted their way to caffeinated victory by having a preconceived understanding of how heat works. Which makes a lot of sense, considering their profession. Fuel up your day with Skull Crushing Espresso, Double Chocolate Donut, and more, all with the good feelings you get knowing that every order supports health and safety programs for firefighters nationwide. Now that’s a cup of coffee on a mission.

Explore the entire arsenal of GovX brands right here.