How EUFY is Revolutionizing the Smart Home ExperiencE

Innovation that won't interfere with what matters most. 

By Devin Pangaro – November 30, 2022

Life outside the house can be complicated. Messy, even. There’s work, errands, and a million issues that can blindside you on any given day. As such, it can’t be understated just how important it is to ensure that your home is a place of comfort, cleanliness, and safety for you and your loved ones. Helping Americans simplify their humble abodes with the necessary smart tech, eufy stands alone as the premier option for modernizing your home for the better, and now they’re available on GovX.

RoboVac G30 Edge

When the RoboVac is making the rounds, you can rest assured that spotless floors are soon to follow. Made to work in conjunction with the mobile app, you can easily track cleaning records, schedule cleanings, and switch modes in just a couple of taps. Packed with unparalleled suction power, logical route planning, and specialized dual-hall sensors to keep it out of areas where you’ve set up boundary strips, this is one advanced vacuum that’ll get the job done without getting off track.

HomeVac H30 Infinity

Not quite ready to go the robot route? Not a problem. The HomeVac H30 Infinity brings the classic model into the modern day through its 2-in-1 vacuum and mop design. Easy to maneuver and highly versatile, this lightweight device allows the user to effortlessly hit hard-to-reach places like air vents, high shelves, or light fixtures with ease. Boasting supremely powerful cordless suction power with enough strength to suck up even the mightiest of messes, this vac adds to its value by functioning as a mop at a moment’s notice.

Video Doorbell 1080p (Battery-Powered)

In an era of porch pirates, next-day deliveries, and needy neighbors, keeping tabs on your doorstep is a primary focus for renters and homeowners alike. Offering full HD views, this product features a color-accurate, head-to-toe picture of every single visitor who approaches. Available at a one-time, subscription-free purchase, the installation takes just minutes to complete, and can easily fit into any doorframe. Need to double-back to view footage? Every recorded moment is secured via advanced encryption.

Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi (Silver)

Losing your house keys is the last thing you ever want to deal with. The Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi system eliminates such inconveniences by allowing your fingerprint to unlock your door in under a second. Additionally, you can also utilize the eufy Security app or keypad to get in and out effortlessly without fishing around endlessly for your keys. Tested to last for over 60 years, the system is designed with a built-in sensor to detect when your door is closed and lock automatically behind you without fail.

HomeVac H30 Venture

For the minor spills, you’re going to need some major suction power. The HomeVac H30 Venture is packed with tools to tackle a wide array of messes with ease. An ideal choice for heading into the garage and doing a long-awaited car cleanup, this handheld performer reaches every edge of your interior from the seats to the center console.

720p Video Baby Monitor

Keeping a watchful eye on your pride and joy is essential for peace of mind. Bringing a crisp and clear picture from the crib, the 720p Video Baby Monitor allows you to see with sharp detail through a secure, and private stream. Powered to run for 30 continuous hours in regular usage or 12 hours with frequent check-ins, the night vision camera allows for easy viewing in lowlight conditions.

Smart Scale C1

Maintaining your health is one thing, tracking it is another thing entirely. Step all over this minimalistic, easy-to-read, lightweight design for an accurate and fast measurement of your weight. Fully integrated with the EufyLife app and offering full-body insight with 12 categories, collecting the necessary data has never been easier. Make a permanent bathroom or personal gym resident and use it to your advantage.


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