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A Tribute to the Emergency Medical Workers Serving America

The pandemic may be in a different phase than it was during the height of the crisis, but for the emergency medical workers serving the nation, very little has changed. Emergency medical personnel, firefighters, nurses, and other professionals are still in the teeth of it, their jobs challenged by overcrowded hospitals and severe staffing shortages.

Here’s Jason Patton, of Fire Dept Coffee, talking about one major problem facing EMS personnel:  

It’s still rough out there. And not every emergency medical worker has the caffeinated charisma of Jason to cope with it. Knowing full well that humor (especially the dark kind) is a popular method of dealing with the rigors of the job, it’s important to remember how challenging this job can be.

People serving in fire houses, in ambulances, and in emergency rooms across the country are exposed to death and trauma every single day. They are overworked, burned out, and stretched to the limit … and yet they keep going. They go to work every day responding to emergencies, tending to the sick and wounded, exposing themselves to unspeakable mental—and sometimes physical—pain, all in the name of helping their country and communities.

We just launched Medical Services Honor Week here at It’s our annual tribute to the men and women who respond to the medical emergencies that happen every day.

It’s often said that for those who work in this field, when they respond to a call help, the chances are high they’re responding to the worst day of that person’s life. Think about that. EMTs, firefighters, nurses, and other medical pros are exposed to people’s worst days … every single day.

At GovX, we know that a week of deals won’t solve the problems facing the medical services world right now. But we also know that when it comes to gear you need, especially the gear you need on the job, that expense comes out of your own wallet. So, if we can make your next gear order a little cheaper, it’s our pleasure.

Thank you for continuing to serve.