The Ultimate Guide to American-Made GORUCK Bags and Gear

GORUCK isn’t just a brand. It’s a total way of life.

By Brent Hannify – July 15, 2022

There’s a high chance if you’re reading this, you know what rucking is. But for the uninitiated: Rucking is just walking with weight on your back. That’s it. This simple and effective training method is an outstanding way to burn calories and build muscle. And it’s so much easier on your knees than running.

Loaded marches date all the way back to the days of Roman legionnaires, when new recruits were tested on their endurance skills long before they were ever issued a weapon. Now, centuries later, rucking enjoys a loyal following among athletes of all skill levels, particularly those with military backgrounds.

All GORUCK gear is proudly made in the USA, and is now available with GovX ID discounts enabled. Check out the bestsellers in their collection and get your personal GORUCK military discount.

GR1 – USA Rucksack

Here’s the bag that started it all. The original rucksack, the original gear piece, designed and proven by Special Forces operators in hot zones around the globe. Durable, YKK zippers with glove-friendly 550 paracord. A reinforced, shockproof laptop compartment for valuable electronics. Strategically placed MOLLE webbing and generously sized pockets in and out of the bag. Even if you’re not using it for weighted rucks, this pack just makes sense on so many levels. No wonder it’s the all-time bestseller in the GORUCK collection.

Jedburgh Rucking Boots

You’d be hard pressed to find a boot named with a more badass name influence. The “Jedburgh” was a 3-man team that jumped into occupied France the night before the Allies stormed the beaches on D-Day. Meeting up with local resistance fighters who’d been bringing the pain to the Nazis from the shadows, they coordinated supply drops that would arm the underground and cause the enemy to stretch thin in advance of the invasion. And you know how they probably did all that? With damn comfortable, duty-ready footwear, that’s how. Lace up with a pair of Jedburghs and get ready for your own personal fitness invasion.

Rucker - Long Range

This one’s designed to go the distance. Built for long ranging rucking and endurance events, the Rucker is available in either 33L or 39L, and is obviously compatible with Ruck Plates of any weight. With padded zones and carefully designed shoulder straps that won’t cause friction burn, you can even wear the Rucker shirtless for hot-weather rucking. Four padded handles, three rows of MOLLE webbing, and those signature, durable YKK zippers. This bag’s in it for the long haul, just like you.

Ruck Plate Carrier - 45LB

Simple, efficient, and streamlined. The Ruck Plate Carrier is the fastest way to add weight to your workouts. Designed with the toughest 1000D CORDURA fabric for years of rucking, this carrier stands up to the rigors of the road and trail. Securely fits a 45LB ruck plate (sold separately) into the storage compartment, and naturally supports the curve of your back with lumbar padding that won’t cause undue stress on your posture.

Ruck Plates

What kind of GORUCK article would it be without talking about the weight that defines the sport? Ruck Plates are compact and portable, and fit effortlessly into the Rucker and the Plate Carrier. Available in 10LB, 20LB, 30LB, and 45LB, these weights with a convenient carrying handle are designed to challenge you, motivate you, and empower you. Load ‘em up and get to work.

Training Weight Vest

There’s plenty of weighted vests to choose from. But why would you choose anything other than the one that invented the concept? You’re looking at GORUCK’s premier weighted vest, and easily the most comfortable one you’ll ever wear. GORUCK took the shoulder strapes from their Rucker bag, then sized and shaped them into straps that move with your training, instead of inhibit it. It’s even comfortable when worn shirtless. That’s a bonus right there.

Simple Training Sandbags

Speaking of hauling gear, GORUCK’s Simple Training Sandbags are the toughest sandbags ever designed. Execute cleans, squats, deadlifts, presses, and rows, with these triple lock Velcro bags. Reinforced with double pass stitching and two sturdy and ergonomic handles, they’re the simplest (and most affordable) addition to your weight room and your rucking routine.

Ballistic Trainers - Low Top Black Camo

GORUCK comes roaring in with a standout entry in the tactical sneakers footwear category. There’s so much to say about these athletic warriors, but we’ll start with the upper, constructed of a seamless one-piece vamp and toe cap of engineered warp knit and CORDURA ballistic nylon. It’s the most abrasion resistant athletic shoe you’re ever gonna find. Want ‘em in mid tops? Oh we got ‘em in mid tops.

Heritage Kit Bag – USA Field Tan

This bag is like if Indiana Jones was into rucking. (And was like, you know, thirty years younger.) Styled after the aviator’s kit bag used on moat airborne flight operations, this 32L bag is built of the strongest possible duck canvas, finished up with a waxing process that’s been considered the luggage gold standard for decades. Built to stand up to the elements and last you years of travel, it’s the kind of bag you pass down over the generations.


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