The Top Five Bestselling Aventon E-Bikes

Discover the power of two wheels. Especially when it’s electrified.

By Brent Hannify – September 1, 2022

GovX members nationwide are adding Aventon E-Bikes to their collections. Powered with lithium-ion batteries (the gold standard of e-bike batteries) and designed for smooth, efficient traveling, there’s an Aventon bike for any kind of rider. Here’s the bestselling e-bikes moving fast in the GovX catalog.

Pace 500 E-Bike Next Gen

Aventon’s flagship (flagbike?) recently got an upgrade. The next gen version of the Pace 500 features the reliable cruiser frame geometry and adjustable handlebars riders have appreciated since the Pace first debuted, but now with a battery that’s fully integrated into the frame. Plus, it packs an even more impressive battery life, an average range of 40 miles and a top speed of 28 mph. Integrated rear and front lights make the latest version of the Pace 500 perfectly suited for safety on evening rides.

Aventure E-Bike

Head onto the trail with the Aventure, the ruggedly designed e-bike built for more than just roads. With a front suspension fork, 4-inch fat tires, and unmatched handling, it’s capable of handling difficult and unpredictable terrain. Out of the box, the Aventure is a Class II e-bike, but configure it as a Class III with its high-capacity battery and formidable rear hub motor. A full color display ensures you’ve got plenty of visibility on your e-bike’s essential data, and a range of up to 45 miles on a single charge ensures you’re able to get to where you need to go. Even if the path takes you through challenging environments.

Level Commuter E-Bike

The Level is a sleek and reliable commuter e-bike, designed for a smooth, easy daily ride. The front suspension fork offers plenty of comfort across standard road surfaces. Incorporated fenders protect the rider from debris on the road, which is an added benefit to anyone who bikes to work in business casual. Mudstains and slacks don’t exactly make good bedfellows. Another feature we appreciate: The preinstalled rack on the rear tire, allowing you to stow gear and other items on your way around town.

Soltera E-Bike

This single-speed e-bike is an agile machine, powerful enough to weave expertly around the city, but light enough to carry around when you’re not using it. With a minimalist design, the Soltera has a clean, professional profile, in keeping with the smooth yet aggressive ride it’s capable of delivering. Rely on the powerful yet quiet motor combined with throttle and pedal assist to move around town with extra power … or if you’re feeling a little spicy, just turn it all off and ride the bike as a standard non-electric one. Whatever you decide, the Soltera is able to adapt and overcome.

Sinch Foldable E-Bike

Time to get compact. The Sinch, as its name implies, is a foldable e-bike that collapses down into a compact size that can easily be stored in the trunk of your car or even in a closet. No need for a bike rack? That oughta make apartment-dwellers happy. With five levels of pedal assist, you can go as hard or as light as you want on the road, and with 4-inch fat tires and that reliable, Aventon-standard suspension fork, it’s even capable of tackling challenging terrain. The Soltera is an e-bike with many, many talents.


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