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It’s not a fallacy to state that police officers can be picky when it comes to their gear. Especially when they have to come out of pocket. This fact, of course, extends to wristwear. Over the last year, we’ve crunched the numbers, studied the top sellers, and uncovered a list of watches that today’s cops are sporting 24/7. Off-duty and on. These are the proven elite. So, whether you're seeking to replace that battery-drain you call a smartwatch, or simply are in the market for something different, we’ve got you covered with the best options at the best deals.

Here’s the watches that enforcers everywhere are making their own:


Big. Beefy. And built to survive some serious abuse. That’s really the best way to describe this rugged favorite of street-level enforcers and cold weather cops. Designed with the input of the US Special Forces, this editon of the Regulus boasts a 5-year battery life, clean and clear digital interface, adjustable backlight, easy-to-push buttons, and enough tactical features to satisfy those who operate with a distinct and unwavering purpose.

Reliable in the field, patrol officers will hold a special appreciation for the shock-proof performance, 100m water-resistant case, dual countdown timers, and supremely useful stealth mode.


“Always visible” for up to 25 years, that’s what Luminox stands by, and that’s why you should have the Sea Turtle 0320 Series Watch at the top of your list. Whether duty brings you deep into the dark underbelly of the city or you just happen to dig the Graveyard Shift, handcuffing an illuminating ally to your wrist that’s infinitely readable is always in your best interests.

Equipped with Luminox’s patented LLT tritium gas tube illumination technology, this one owes everything to the tiny tubes which provide a tactical look and a continuous glow that never fades, overpowers, or flickers out. This is first and foremost a tool watch. It’s functional and fine-tuned to serve a purpose, and that in our opinion, is the foundation of any good timepiece.

“It looks good and functions as it should. I also like that it glows at night so that I can see it without having to light the back display.” Robert C. - Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP)


The heavy-duty appearance isn’t the half of it. As a faithful companion to the EDC enthusiasts of the force, the Rangeman continues to hold up to the legacy of the Casio name. An integral member of the “Master of G” series, this rugged wrist warrior is capable of handling anything you can throw it.

Designed to seal out dirt and debris, it’s the ideal watch for the backcountry sheriff or border patrol agent who must deal with the conditions as part of the rigors of the job.

Jam-packed with useful features including multi-band atomic timekeeping, which automatically adjusts to the correct time even when you’re hopping time zones. On the move in unfamiliar territory? You can rely on the built-in compass that keeps track of whatever direction you’re headed in.


Finding a rock-solid GPS watch that won’t die out on you at the end of a long shift shouldn’t be as difficult as it seems. While there’s plenty of reputable brands and models to consider, you’d be hard pressed to find a better option than the latest from Garmin’s sterling lineup of law enforcement leaders.

Utilizing solar technology previously only available to the US military, this multi-sport dynamo comes built big – both in terms of size and number of functions. Scratch resistant and impact-proof, the 7X offers real-time stamina tracking, so you’ll know when it’s time to slow your roll. Not to mention the Garmin-standard insane battery life, increased solar harvesting efficiency, and a thermal, shock, and water-resistant design.

Ready to operate as your own wearable command center, you can confidently keep your smartphone out of sight as messages and phone calls get delivered straight to your wrist. For the boys in blue, this watch should check all the right boxes.


From the company that kept Arnold Schwarzenegger geared up on the big screen during the 1980s, comes a crystal-coated timepiece popular with plain clothes detectives and sophisticated police veterans.

A smooth operator in the highest sense, this automatic diver clocks in with an extremely comfortable band, easy-to-read magnifying day/date design, 41-hour power reserve, and 24 strategically placed jewels. This is one watch you’ll want to have in your reserve for the next Police Gala.


What good are all the bells and whistles if you’re never actually going to use them? Dropping for lawmen who prefer a minimalistic approach to their daily loadout, the MK-1 has rapidly ascended the best seller lists by doing exactly as it promises. Which for most, is plenty.

Exclusively available to uniformed pros with qualified government backgrounds like you, the blacked-out digital LCD module is built tough enough to withstand heavy action, survive a dip in the waters up to 100 meters, and stay look sharp on your wrist in the process. Best of all, there’s stealthily convenient silent mode, so you can interrogate away without interruption.

“As a LEO, all I really need is a timer, the date, and time. The buttons are easy to figure out and use. Nixon nailed this one.” Shawn C. - Sheriff


Beige is back like it never left. Expertly designed to emulate the desert camo uniforms of America’s most tactical, this G-Shock limited edition model has proved to be a massive hit with police from military backgrounds and families.

Tough as expected, as well as shock, magnetic, and water resistant up to 200 meters, the equal parts analog and digital standout provides black highlighted dials and functions for easy visibility and a sandy look that second-to-none.


Unlimited battery life is impossible to ignore. Especially when you’re in the middle of a 10 days on, 5 days off work month, when literally the last thing on your mind is finding time to charge your watch. The Instinct 2, as you may have deduced by now, is completely solar when switched into smartwatch mode.

All you need to do is strap it on and spend up to 3 hours outside in 50,000 lux conditions to keep it sufficiently charged up as you go about your business. Offering all-day health monitoring and tracking, Garmin gives you essential insight into your sleep quality, stress levels, and energy exerted in real time. For the modern-day officer, this makes for an easy addition to your daily loadout.


Maintaining your personal fitness is all part of the job. After all, how else are you going to be able to chase down perps, kick down doors, or hit dingers on the precinct softball team without maximizing your PT? While you make have your regiment down pat, adding a fitness watch is instrumental to supplementing your gains with the data necessary to hit your goals.

The Power Trainer accurately logs steps, calculates calories burned, times workouts, and allows you to adjust the intensity levels to whatever you’re striving for. All in all, it provides crucial aid to planning and executing your workouts day in and day out. Combine that with the rugged construction, Bluetooth connectivity, and super illuminated LED backlight, and it’s easy to see while this one is hard to keep on the shelves.


Here. We. Go. It’s the watch you’ve been waiting for. Landing at the top spot for America’s top cops is the Tactix Delta from Garmin. The solar edition of this celebrated ticker is designed to meet the strictest standards of the US Military and offer a combination of tactical and fitness features that simply can’t be outdone. Visually striking, this high performer tracks physical performance through a myriad of day-to-day activities.

For range warriors, it’s able to sync with laser rangefinders to tabulate data and give you the best shot at taking your ballistics game higher. For hikers, the trail maps and GPS ensure that getting lost is no longer a clear, and present danger. Mix that in with super long battery life (up to 21 days in smartwatch mode), night vision capability, stealth mode, and a kill switch in case the mission is compromised, all your duty and lifestyle needs are answered in one watch that’s just too good to be grouped in with your average smartwatch.

“This watch can do everything. Unlike other models, this watch receives iMessage notifications. The battery life is also top notch and charging is quick." Steven A. - City Police Department


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