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The Best Everyday Carry Gear Deals of 2022

Everyday carry is a way of life familiar to GovX members around the nation. Being prepared to deal with whatever the world throws at you, equipped only with whatever’s on your person is a special kind of victory.

SOG KNIVES – Ultra XR Carbon Folding Knife

We’ll start off with a super slim EDC knife. Weighing at only 34 grams and measuring just 6.5 mm in thickness, the Ultra XR from SOG is perfect for clipping to your pants pocket. The CRYO S35VN steel blade is just under 3 inches in length, and the carbon fiber handle is finished with sleek titanium nitride for a professional look.


The MUT is a firearm maintenance multitool from Leatherman, the all-time American favorite. With a bronze scraper for dealing with carbon buildup on your weapon, a disassembly punch and a bolt override tool for clearing stuck rounds, it’s the perfect multitool for any shooter’s kit. Plus, with multiple areas for attaching cleaning rods, brushes, Torx bits, and more, it might just be the last one you buy. Other tools include pliers, combo knife, serrated saw, electrical crimper, and of course, a bottle opener.   

NITECORE – MH12S 1800-Lumen Flashlight

Return to a time when you used a real flashlight instead of your phone’s camera light. Ahh, those were the days. This high-performance tactical flashlight is a truly useful companion for EDC, tactical work, and outdoor journeying. Capable of unleashing 1800 lumens over an insane distance of over 300 yards, the MH12S has found its way into the kits of military servicemembers, police officers, backpackers, and dudes who can answer their wives’ questions of “What’s that noise I heard downstairs?” with stunning alacrity.

DANGO – Dapper Bifold Wallet

It’s about time you ditched the leather wallet and got yourself one of these EDC favorites. (And if you’re still using a Velcro wallet, then I’m afraid there’s no hope for you.) The Dango is handcrafted and made in the USA of machined aluminum, weighs just under two ounces, and includes a built-in bottle opener. Its slim, minimalist shape encourages you to only carry exactly the cards you need, so have the courage to get rid of those business cards, punch cards, and coupons weighing you down. The best part? It’s got RFID-blocking technology, so you’re defended against hackers and skimmers in high-traffic areas.  

LEATHERMAN – Raptor Multi-Tool (With MOLLE Sheath)

You’re looking at an all-time GovX bestseller right here. The Raptor is a pair of American-made trauma shears that have found their way into the kits of all kinds of professionals. The most obvious application is for EMS work, since the Raptors cut straight through clothing as thick as leather without hesitation, enabling you to render aid as fast as possible. But police officers, military servicemembers, firefighters, and more pros have added this bestseller to their loadouts for years.

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OLIGHT – Open Pro Penlight (With Green Laser Pointer)

Even as durable as it is, this EDC pen weighs in at just 1.3 ounces. The aluminum alloy body houses plenty of talent, too. The 3-in-1 design combines a smooth pen tip for easy writing, a 120-lumen rechargeable flashlight, and a green laser for getting the point across. Another useful feature? You can actually detach the flashlight from the pen so you can write in the dark. Nice.

KEYSMART – Max Smart Location Tracking Key Holder

The last key holder you’ll ever buy. Organize up to 14 keys and attach a car key fob to this smart location tracker and never worry about losing your keys again. Pair it up with the Tile app, which has a 150-foot Bluetooth range. For bonus EDC gear value, use the included bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, and built-in flashlight.

LEATHERMAN – Tread Wearable Multi-Tool

Ok, this might make people turn their heads in confusion. It’s not a watch, it’s the world’s first wearable multi-tool. The travel friendly Tread included 29 tools, with a bunch of different hex drivers, screwdriver bits, box wrenches, and more. It’s even got a SIM card tool for smartphones. Of course, if you’ve already got all your other needs covered with another multi-tool, this may not be for you. But there’s something cool about being able to solve life’s little problems with the thing you wear on your wrist.  

BENCHMADE – Auto Adamas Knife

The Adamas is on the burlier side for an EDC knife, we’ll admit. But the fact that the super popular fixed blade version of the Adamas, heavily used as a combat knife, got turned into an automatic folder is too amazing to keep off this list. So while it ain’t as slim as the SOG knife headlining this list, we’re still confident this American-made tactical powerhouse with a 3.78-inch blade is a reliable everyday carry knife.

STREAMLIGHT – Wedge Flashlight

With an intuitive rotating thumb switch for tactile control, this unique compact flashlight definitely belongs in your EDC collection. Built of rugged anodized aluminum and rechargeable via a waterproof USB-C port, the Wedge is a durable pocket light engineered for performance, comfort, and reliability.

BENCHMADE – 3400 Autocrat Automatic Knife

We’ll get this out of the way now. This knife is not meant for common applications like slicing open Amazon boxes. This is a self-defense knife through and through. Like the bestselling Infidel, the reason to carry the Autocrat, an automatic out-the-front double-edge dagger, is for personal security. It’s lightweight, durably constructed, and ergonomically designed for inflicting damage on assailants.


Speaking of self-defense, here’s another EDC gear entry that should be on your radar. Designed by TEKTO KNIVES, this tactical pen houses a slim dual-sided dagger blade that opens from the rear by the clip. It’s got a locking mechanism to prevent accidental deployments, and a durable aluminum handle with a textured grip for easy handling. Oh and it’s also a ballpoint pen. For … you know, writing. Not stabbing.

GARMIN – Fenix 6 Sapphire Watch

On clearance right now (better move fast, y’all), the Garmin Fenix 6 is a multisport powerhouse. Equally popular among athletes and tactical pros, the Fenix 6 can track pretty much any activity invented by mankind. Preloaded topographic maps, heart rate monitoring, fitness tracking, waypoint GPS enabled, and even tactical features like jumpmaster mode. The list goes on. Check out our full review right here.

TRU-SPEC – Magnesium Fire Card

As thin as a credit card—and definitely more useful should our economic system collapse and money no longer becomes useful—this convenient magnesium card by Tru-Spec is one of the cleverest pieces of EDC gear you can have, and you can simply carry it in your wallet. Just pull out your knife and scrape off some shavings into dry tinder to light up a fire wherever you set up camp. If used wisely, it’s the ideal addition to any survivalist’s kit.

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