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The Leatherman Raptor is the Best American-Made Trauma Shears

Leatherman Raptor Trauma Shears

The Leatherman Raptor trauma shears are an invaluable tool for EMS workers, trauma nurses, and anyone who’s bold enough to render emergency aid.

Developed with the input of special operations medics, the Raptor shears have grown in popularity with the first responder community. Combat medics carry them on their plate carriers. Police officers keep the Raptor on their duty belt. And emergency medical pros across the country have relied on the Raptor to quickly render aid and save lives.

Leatherman Raptor Trauma Shears
The Leatherman Raptor. Let’s hope it doesn’t figure out how to open doors.

And they’re proudly made in the United States. The Leatherman Raptor radiates American heroism.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

You can get the MOLLE compatible version if you’re interested in running it on a plate carrier or a backpack. Otherwise, load out with the utility sheathe for standard duty belts. Lightweight materials make them weigh just under 6 ounces, so it’s not a very heavy addition to your kit.

Leatherman Raptor utility holster

Just pull the handles apart to fully open the Raptor. Close it by depressing the triangular locking buttons one at a time, and the Raptor shrinks down to palm sized. The stainless-steel shears cut effortlessly through clothing, even thick jeans or jackets. I didn’t actually test this out myself because I’m rather fond of the contents of my closet. But I don’t need to eviscerate my button-downs to know how effective it is. Give the dozens of 5-star reviews a look and see tons of first responders and medics rave about the Raptor.

Who's using the raptor? A breakdown of GovX orders.

Use the strap cutter to slice through seatbelts with ease. (Again, I didn’t test this. I like my car as much as I like my T-shirts.) It even has a tool that can instantly cut through a metal ring to deal with hand injuries. Uniformed pros with emergency medical experience will also appreciate the oxygen tank wrench that comes in handy in the field.

Leatherman Raptor seatbelt cutter and glass breaker
Up close look at the strap cutter and carbide glass breaker for dealing with automobile emergencies.

The Leatherman Raptor uses 420HC Stainless Steel, an improved, high-carbon form of traditional 420 stainless found in high production tools. Optimized with a special heat treatment for durability and edge retention, the Raptor offers years of reliable service.

Uniformed pros will also appreciate the generously sized handles as well. Both handles are ergonomically designed to fit a gloved or ungloved hand, with a notch for the index finger for stable, confident cutting.

Leatherman Raptor Ruler
The ruler is a nice touch.

A quick word about customer support. As an authorized retailer, every purchase of the Raptor on GovX is fully backed up by Leatherman’s warranty, as if you’d purchased it directly from Leatherman’s website. These American-made trauma shears are built to last, but as most uniformed pros know … s**t happens. Get a look at Leatherman’s warranty details right here.

If you encounter life-or-death scenarios on a regular basis in your job, consider grabbing a pair of the best trauma shears available on GovX. Or, maybe you’re not an emergency medical professional, and you just want a kill pair of shears. The Leatherman Raptor can easily be used as garden shears or simple household scissors. It might be a little overkill for arts and crafts, but who am I to judge? Y’all like good gear, and the Leatherman Raptor beats a pair of Office Depot scissors any day.

Get a pair of Leatherman Raptor shears right now with your exclusive GovX member discount.