We promise not to tell your superiors that you’re on the ‘Tok again.

Dread it. Run from it. Relevant social media content makes its way to your feed all the same. Take for example TikTok, the social media platform made for those of us with short attention spans, a distaste for Facebook, or a predilection for scrolling through videos at a rapid-fire pace. No longer limited to dance tutorials and epic fails, the world’s most downloaded app has only grown in popularity since the COVID-19 shutdown. Today, a large contingent of active duty, veterans, and military spouses have joined the content brigade with their own distinct channels. Some bring humor, others bring heart. All are worthy of you smashing that follow button. As a reminder, we’re in the process of creating some exclusive video content on the official GovX TikTok. So do us a solid and hit us up over there if you haven’t.

Known as “TikTok’s First Sgt.”, real-life retired U.S. Army First Sgt. Joseph Starcher utilizes the platform to post informative, motivational, and occasionally hilarious videos based on his military experience. From documenting his transition to civilian life to checking his drip, the 20+ year servicemember’s engaging content caught the attention of his former branch, who officially recognized him as “the Future of Army Leadership” in 2021.

Clinical Psychology doctoral student. Foster mom. World traveler. Proud military spouse. Jillian Morrison tackles all of life’s responsibilities, challenges, and loves with a unique sense of humor and relatability that translates perfectly to TikTok. As the wife of a Marine, Morrison produces regular content that brings awareness to veteran suicide prevention foundations as well as the non-profit, Cheer Honolulu which supports the LGBTQ+ community in Hawaii.

The account behind Operation Boot Crew, the non-profit supplying deployed troops and families of all branches with care packages has their TikTok game down pat. Promoting positivity and backing a marine-fueled mission to #EnhanceTheCorps through laughs, leadership, advice, and timely pop culture videos, they've quickly built a loyal following.

If you haven’t caught her popping up on a podcast or watched her holding court on late-night television, help yourself out by discovering the comedic talents of Ashley Guterman. The second military spouse to find a place on our list, Ashley’s stand-up hits heavily on the ins and outs of what it means to find levity in life and support a partner who serves. Plus, she rocks a really cool wig.

Anyone with a smartphone can create content. That’s the beauty of today’s technological age. After serving in Iraq, Ryan Griffis returned home on a mission to reach millions in a meaningful way. Sharing personal stories of trauma, loss, struggle, and hope. Griffis seeks to break down today's military stigmas and provide an online sanctuary for anyone feeling like they’re dealing with more than they can handle.

Try not to laugh. We double dog dare you. Finding comedy in pretty much everything,

Mr. Jakubowski leads his 28k+ followers down

a rabbit hole of the absurd. From Motorpool Monday to Michael Scott voiceovers there’s very little this man deems untouchable when

it comes to content. For the younger demographic he’s an easy follow, for the older he just might just have you shaking your head in the best way possible.

There’s always room for more memes, especially when you’re as damn good at TikTok as this Army officer. When she’s not immersed in the meme life, Maddie makes good use of the app’s trending audio clips to lip-synch her way into your feed and poke some serious fun at the military’s myriad of uniform and grooming regulations.

Life in the military certainly can be tough, especially when you’re more than a decade in. But for this Texas-native, finding the laughs in the little things makes for great material. Showcasing a self-deprecating sense of humor and a knack for pushing the envelope, Malique is a the ultimate easy follow for the uneasily offended.

Any soldier who uses Zoolander in a TikTok is A-OK in our book. Another instant follow for anyone who appreciates an inside look at the active duty life, Deployment Jody focuses on finding the lighter moments in day-to-day activities, drills, and fitness routines.

With over 3 million followers, Army Staff Sgt. Nikko Ortiz is the undisputed titan of military TikTok. Finding new and fresh way to tap into the branch stereotypes and showcasing his mighty Call of Duty prowess, Ortiz really has something for everyone and has quickly become a favorite of uniformed pros and civilians alike. Parlaying his success into a popular podcast and Youtube channel, the 8-year military vet can still be found uploading new videos on a regular basis.


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