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Meet the Nixon MK-1, a Tactical Watch Only Uniformed Pros Can Buy

Nixon MK1
Photo credit: Nixon

Nixon burst into the tactical watch scene with the Regulus, a durable digital warrior’s watch built for the elements. The Regulus was military inspired, but widely available for civilians. Now there’s a new military spec version called the Nixon MK-1, only available for shoppers with qualified government backgrounds. Developed over the course of several years with input from various servicemembers, it’s a minimalistic, high-function tactical watch that takes the best ideas of the Regulus and adds even more. And it’s pretty much only available on GovX.

Interested? Read on, you magnificent Americans.

Nixon MK1 Tactical Watch

This Tactical Watch is TAA Compliant

Good news for anyone shopping on the government’s dime. The Nixon MK-1 tactical watch is TAA compliant, which means it meets the standards of the Trade Agreements Act that regulates the kinds of items certain American departments can legally use. So if you’re in one of those communities, the MK-1 is a watch you can feel good about strapping to your federally-approved wrist. Or the wrists of your entire team. Go nuts.

MK-1 Tactical Watch vs the Regulus

The first major difference between the MK-1 and the Regulus are its free-swinging straps. Where the Regulus straps have a resistant “pull” to them with a little extra bulk, the MK-1 straps are slimmer and swing easily on screw bars built into the case.

Nixon MK1 compared to Nixon Regulus
The Nixon MK-1 (left) vs the civilian version, the Regulus.
Nixon MK1 compared to Nixon Regulus
The MK-1’s straps swing free, compared to the Regulus straps, which lock out fully.

Built for durability in the elements, the digital LCD module boasts a 100-meter water resistance rating, with protective PORON foam between the module and the case. It can dive deep and it’s tough enough to withstand shocks, scrapes, and whatever else you throw at it. The oversized display and adjustable LED backlight gives you clear visibility in darkened settings, even underwater. And the prominent pushers are large and easy enough to use through a pair of dive gloves. I like the textured layer on the buttons too—each press feels confident and commanding.

Nixon MK1 buttons
The textured buttons are accessible even with gloved hands.

Go into silent mode with the MK-1 stealth mode. Because come on, no one wants to be that guy with a watch that won’t shut up. And you definitely don’t want to be that guy in a situation where noise can get you killed.

An On-Duty Watch Perfect for Any Kit

All blacked out—because of course it is—the watch has a striking look for something intentionally designed to be minimalistic. The 46mm ultra high-strength plastic bezel material absorbs light, and only the hardened crystal is especially reflective. The design is clean, the lines are defined, and it looks sharp on the wrist. No unnecessary frills, no busy and overcomplicated elements. Just a crisply designed watch that’s easy to wear and easier to use.

Nixon MK1 Tactical Watch

It’s lighter and a bit smaller than the Regulus. The kind of watch you never have to take off. (If you’re into that.) I like the ribbed pattern on the straps, which are even more defined than the straps on the Regulus, giving it a nice feel on the wrist.

The basic functions of a digital watch are available to you. Three independent alarms. I recommend setting one to get up in the morning, then one more to really get you up in the morning after you’ve snoozed for another half hour. It has the ability to toggle between military time or standard time. It has two independently operating stop watches, which is surprisingly useful in cooking. Other digital features include month and date and dual chronographs for knowing the time difference in another zone. And my personal favorite, an adjustable backlight with bright, medium, low, and totally off.

Nixon MK1 specs

With a TAA compliant design and manufacture, the MK-1 is a great choice for police officers and military servicemembers. It’s a reliable addition to any kit, and you can expect it to capably withstand years of service.

Get the Nixon MK-1 Tactical Watch, available exclusively for uniformed pros.