Here’s the Best TEN THOUSAND Shorts and Apparel for GovX Members

There’s not literally ten thousand of them. But you knew that already, didn’t you?

By Devin Pangaro – July 13, 2022

Contrary to widespread belief, your body isn’t a temple. It’s a machine. And like any fine-oiled instrument of physical achievement, you must train, you must maintain, and you must have the apparel necessary to support your efforts and keep moving relentlessly toward your goals. Enter TEN THOUSAND, performance apparel dedicated to uninterrupted personal improvement. New to the GovX Marketplace, the entire system of gear is meticulously constructed to the specifications and approval of athletes and tactical pros. Here’s a shakedown of today’s top performers in the TEN THOUSAND collection.

Session Short - Admiral Blue

No longer two words that elicit an automatic cringe response, “leg day” has become something to look forward to for any gym-goer with a predilection for lower body work. As such, putting a pair of shorts into action that won’t inhibit your natural moments is instrumental to nailing your crunches, squats, and lunges. Checking in as the most lightweight, minimal short of the entire lineup, these strength stalwarts feature an innovative Every Session Carry pocket system that keeps essentials securely stored when you’re hard at work. Composed of flyweight construction and a waistband designed to feel virtually unnoticeable, the next-level liner is unlike anything you’ve worn before.

Tactical Short (With Liner)

Designed in conjunction with the U.S. Special Operations Forces, the Tactical Short rises above the competition by featuring an impressive arsenal of features and functions for PT. Allowing for a steady stream of airflow and sporting a level of durability that would do a Navy SEAL proud, each pair is made to meet the needs of the military community. In civilian terms, this means they’re easy to wash, swim capable, able to secure gear, permanently odor-free, and engineered for training in any environment.

Versatile Shirt

The name says it all. From warm-up to cool down, you need a shirt that’ll comply with any-and-all stages of your fitness regimen. Made for a superior fit, this do-it-all addition is composed of sweat-wicking, breathable fabric built for personal bests and pushing it past the limit. Keeping odors out and making chafing a non-issue, the VERSATILE SHIRT excels at bringing out your confidence and keeping you crushing it for the long run.

Fight Rash Guard

Joining forces with UFC contenders and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu legends to bring forward an athletic shirt as resilient as it is ready to go round for round, the FIGHT RASH GUARD makes for a no holds barred addition to your fight gear. Complete with a skin-tight fit and ultra-durable fabric construction, this favorite of Mixed Martial Artists relies on three core principles: durability, range of motion, and support. Designed for rolling, grappling, and sparring, this piece doesn't back down from grueling training sessions or matches destined for the mat.

Foundation Short (With Liner)

Boasting self-described bombproof durability (we don’t recommend testing this out at home, by the way), the FOUNDATION SHORT takes its rightful place as the toughest shorts entry in the Ten Thousand collection. The mid-weight fabric construction holds strong during your most intense sessions while retaining an unrestricted range of motion at all times. Got a good amount of gear? Slanted pockets provide easy access to your essentials and offer an ample amount of storage that won’t weigh you down when you’re busy getting after it. Not bad for a reformed pair of boardshorts.

Tactical Pant

The product of another collaboration with the U.S. Special Operations Forces, the TACTICAL PANT comes ready for range day or any rucking challenge. Designed to withstand the elements and comfortable enough to earn a spot in your everyday rotation, each pair is constructed with a near-indestructible 4-way canvas fabric to maximize durability, facilitate a full range of motion, and repel water for hours on end.

Set Short

A hybrid at home in the water as on the land, the SET SHORT serves as the ultimate amphibious short for the kind of PT that takes you out of your comfort zone. Combining the lightweight, breathable, and supportive design of a training short with the quick drying, chlorine and salt water resistant features of a swim short, there isn’t an arena these versatile juggernauts can’t conquer.

FAR Short

Ready to ramp up your runs and take your long-distance game up a level? The FAR SHORT offers an eco-friendly, featherweight, and breathable alternative to the average running shorts. Carefully created to meet the needs of those who demand a distraction-free and performance-driven experience every time they lace up, each pair comes equipped with a no-bounce center phone back pocket and Polygiene Biostatic permanent anti-odor treatment to maintain freshness for miles on end.


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