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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the GARMIN FENIX 7

It’s here! Garmin just launched the latest version of their flagship multisport watch, the Fenix 7. Here, we’ll go over the newest features that distinguish it from its predecessor—read our full review of the Fenix 6 series right here.

The Fenix watches have always been built from the ground up to be the most durable multi-sport watches on the market. Designed for everyone from casual athletes to tactical professionals, the latest version has several new features worth mentioning.  

Let’s take a look at the standout features. Aside from a few visual upgrades, there’s a number of high profile technical improvements to the Fenix 7 that should catch the attention of both newcomers and long-time Garmin users alike.

The Fenix 7 now has a touchscreen.

This is arguably the 7’s biggest upgrade from the 6. The Fenix 7 now has a responsive touchscreen for quick access to selections and functions. But it’s important to note that the touchscreen does not replace the five trusted buttons you’ve come to expect on most Garmin multisport watches. Every action you can perform with the touchscreen is an action you can perform with the buttons if you prefer. The touchscreen is there if you want to use it, and is a welcome change for anyone interested in having more “smart” in their smartwatch.

The touchscreen gives users the option to dismiss notifications, start and stop timers, or scroll through charts and screens with a swipe of a finger. You can even scroll input text characters to quickly respond to messages from your watch. Of course, if you prefer the tactile sensation of physical buttons to navigate through your watch, you can turn the touchscreen totally off and stick with the buttons. It’s just nice to have options.

There’s a flashlight now—on the 7X only.

Garmin added a multi-LED flashlight to the 7X. The LEDs are built directly into the watch, which is a big upgrade from the flashlight on previous versions of the Fenix, which just turned the screen bright white and didn’t offer substantial illumination. You can double tap the light button at any time to instantly activate the light, and you can turn on SOS strobe mode if you’re ever in need of a rescue.

Thinner case size on the Fenix 7 base model.

The Fenix 7 trimmed down a bit. In the base Fenix 7 model with a 47mm-diameter screen, the case thickness is 14.5 mm, down from 15.1mm thick on the 47mm Fenix 6 base model. It’s not a substantial difference, but still worth mentioning. The 7S and the 7X are all pretty much the same dimensions as the Fenix 6.  

Better battery life. Like, significantly better.

The Fenix 7X has a battery life of up to 28 days in “smart watch mode”, 89 hours in “GPS mode” and a whopping 62 days in “Expedition GPS mode.”

By comparison, here are the same numbers for the Fenix 6X: 21 days, 60 hours, and 46 days. Well done, Garmin.

Enhanced biometrics and better health monitoring.

Garmin beefed up the health monitoring on the Fenix 7 with better sensors and more data. The new optical sensor gathers more accurate data like VO2 max, heart rate, blood oxygen, hydration, respiratory rate, and the all-important continuous stress monitoring. Plus, with the latest version of Garmin’s Connect app, you get updated bio-signal algorithms for even more accuracy. As always, the optical sensor array is housed under a durable, sealed, chemically strengthened glass lens.

Realtime Stamina and Visual Race Predictor.

This should have the attention of all the runners out there. This new feature in the Fenix 7 provides an estimate of what your pace COULD be for the distance you want to run, and gives you trend data that shows you how you’re doing in real time. The “Potential Stamina” is a nice new feature that should give you that extra burst of motivation to crush that last mile.

Multi-band frequency GPS support (Sapphire Solar only)

The Sapphire Solar is now the most GPS-accurate watch in Garmin’s arsenal. Using technology previously only available to the US military—isn’t that how it always goes—the Solar Sapphire edition of the Fenix 7 features the most pinpoint perfect GPS you can get in a smartwatch. Plus, with new multi-content topographic maps you can download (they come preloaded on the Sapphire Solar editions), you can explore your world with even more confidence.  

Button guard

I’m especially happy about this upgrade. I have only ONE solitary gripe about my Fenix 6X, which is that sometimes when I’m working out, I accidentally push the start/stop button. By adding a protective guard around it, the Fenix 7 prevents accidental presses and ensures long-term durability of the button itself. A thoughtful improvement I’m glad they added.

Protected lugs

The titanium case now extends beyond the circumference of the lens and into the lugs themselves, further increasing the watch’s ruggedness and giving it an even sharper look. I think it looks awesome.

The best. But better.

The Garmin Fenix 7 series improves on an already incredible multisport smart watch. That’s why everyone from military servicemembers to federal agents wear them all the time. Built with the reliable ruggedness this series has always been known for and augmented with several extra features and talents, it’s the best version of the Fenix yet. Grab yours with your exclusive GovX member discount.