Here’s a Look at the TOP Entries in the VIKTOS Gear Collection

Get a visual on the latest apparel for vigilant Americans.

By Brent Hannify – August 16, 2022

VIKTOS has been a steady presence in the GovX collection for years, delivering reliable apparel built with tactical proficiency and comfort in mind. From the bestselling Johnny Combat Waterproof Boots to the always dependable Operatus Jeans, this is a brand with a big following.

Now they’re expanding the lineup, delivering new gear, new colors, and new options for Americans of service like you. Let’s take a look at a few standouts.

CORE 2 SHOE – New color: DARK NAVY

This Core 2 tactical sneaker joins the fight in an all new color way, because there’s no rule that says you can’t have variety at the range. An expertly designed balance of support, breathability and lightweight construction, the Core 2 is intended to provide a reliable shooting platform in all conditions. Devotees of this standard-bearing tactical sneaker have also reported on its capability on the gym room floor. The Core 2 is a tried and testing weightlifting shoe, giving you wide coverage and a stable platform to execute the perfect move.


This absolute beast of a jacket is designed to go the distance no matter what the world throws at you. Made to excel in inclement weather, the DRW-coated outer shell shrugs off water, while the FiteLite insulation keeps you operating comfortably and warm when the mercury drops. And don’t worry about the Farthermost standing in the way of your tactical proficiency—this jacket includes enough pocketing for four rifle mags, easy sidearm access, and additional pockets in both the chests and the sleeves.


With a higher profile, the Range Trainer is built for tougher conditions, with an Airprene collar that forms a complete closure around your ankle, offering support and keeping debris out. The outsole is made of an extra durable rubber compound, delivering excellent traction and non-snag grip on tough terrain and slippery surfaces. We’re also big fans of the micro-vents on the side that let the foot breathe throughout the day. A thoughtful touch from Viktos here.


It’s a simple truth that highly skilled operators don’t condone anything that doesn't do its job. Period. With that in mind, Viktos comes correct with the Armory AR670 Safety Toe Boots, supplying these uniform-compliant, certifiable tall boys for your consideration. Designed and developed by US vets, these combat boots are the base leader in both comfort and traction. Constructed to be water-and slip-resistant, each pair provides maximum foot protection and comes ready with a high-rebound foam midsole and internal Akore padded ankle inserts for heavy activities.


The name about says it all don’t it? Viktos does those who keep our nation’s waterways a solid with these rubber-heeled dynamos. The waterproof version of the original military boots, this design operates as a decisive upgrade in traction, durability, and support. Packed with a breathable liner to keep your feet dry during maritime duties and a high-volume forefoot for maximum stability when you’re hauling heavy, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better boot suited for all the action.


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