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GovX Shoppers Now Get Discounts on DECKED Truck Bed Storage

Photo credit: Decked

Let’s face facts. You don’t own and operate a truck to fit into those tiny compact parking spaces in the mall. You’re not terribly concerned with assisted steering, massaging seats, or the various bells and whistles the latest tech titan has crammed into their line of order-only vehicles. You employ one because it supports your lifestyle, and while you appreciate the size advantage as much as any other American, the ability to haul your gear where it needs to go will always be of the utmost importance. As such, a company like DECKED comes up clutch for anyone who wants to carry it all in an organized and accessible manner. And now the whole system is available right here for GovX members at an exclusive discount.

Founded after years of frustration dealing with the faulties of homemade drawer systems, Jake Peters and his team forged ahead to engineer a market-changing product that went beyond the substandard plywood ways of the past. And they succeeded. Propelled by the mantra to save hardworking Americans crucial minutes in their day, affording people like you more time and energy for what really matters, DECKED’s comprehensive drawer system, tool box, and accessories put an end to unsafe and cluttered transportation of your equipment.

For hunters, the DECKED drawer system provides secure firearm, ammo, and armor storage for your entire arsenal. Acommodating the need for rapid, ergonomic access, the system is also fully weatherproof for those that opt to go up against the elements. Trusted by law enforcement and public safety departments, DECKED keeps all your gear safely out of sight and locked away until you’re ready to deploy it. For the heavy-duty haulers, the system features a 2000 lb payload on top of the deck and a 200 lb load capacity per drawer.

On the accessories front, the DECKED D-bag serves as a military-grade hybrid soft and hard shell tool-hauler. After careful review, it’s safe to say this is amongst the toughest bags out there. Ideal for the trail, the snag-free and weather-resistant design makes it perfectly suited to carry your hunting and camping supplies to and from your site. On top of it all, it’s specifically designed to integrate with the DECKED drawer system, fitting comfortably in either the full-size or mid-size options.

Take pride in your truck. Take more pride in what it can do with the right amount of reinforcements. Equip your rig the right way and choose DECKED before you even put it in drive. Your gear will thank you later.

Shop DECKED truck bed storage with your exclusive GovX membership discount.