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Five Essential READYWISE Packs for Your Emergency Food Supply

  • by GovX
Photo credit: Readywise

Calling all preppers. Readywise emergency food supply is available on GovX. Frequent customers may remember it by its old name, Wise Company, but the mission remains the same: Provide essential nutrition for anyone who wants to be prepared or go off the grid.

And what is Readywise emergency food supply’s other, no less important objective? Make emergency food that actually tastes good. This isn’t MRE-quality stuff here. Hell, no one really should use the word “quality” in the same sentence as an MRE. From creamy pasta alfredo to hearty tortilla soup, to several types of delicious protein, Readywise wants you to enjoy chow time during the apocalypse.

So let’s get to it. Here’s five essential choices from the Readywise collection for stocking your doomsday bunker, fallout shelter, command center, or whatever you like to call it.

Freeze Dried Meat Bucket – 60 Servings

Let’s start with what matters most across this fine country of ours: MEAT. This 60-serving bucket of Readywise meat includes offers three flavorful takes on both chicken and beef, for a total of six different tasty protein choices. On the chicken side there’s southwest style, teriyaki, and classic roasted. And for beef, there’s traditional roast beef, cheesy beef, and the all important stroganoff. I don’t know about you, but beef stroganoff reminds me of my mother’s cooking. If you’re reading this, Mom, that’s a compliment. I swear.

This 60-serving bucket also comes with 20 servings of rice to pair with your choice of protein. Doomsday burrito bowls, here we come.

Entree Bucket – 60 Servings

While we’re talking entrees, let’s check out this 60-serving pack filled with all kinds of tasty options. Cheesy lasagna, pasta alfredo, and baked potato casserole are three standouts, but let’s not forget the all-important chili mac. Chili mac was greatly coveted at my high school. If you didn’t break the sound barrier on your way to the cafeteria after the lunch bell rung, all the chili mac was gone by the time your Sketchers landed in line.

The pack also includes delicious soup options like tortilla, tomato basil, and chicken noodle. Wanna add more protein to your soup? Mix and match with the meat bucket above and you’ll have a more nourishing soup in no time.

Breakfast Bucket – 120 Servings

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Even if you start that day in a subterranean fallout shelter with absolutely no idea what’s happening above ground. Which is why this pack comes with four equally important options—strawberry granola crunch, brown sugar and maple multi-grain cereal, crunch granola, and apple cinnamon cereal.

Survival Backpack – 64 Piece

If disaster strikes and you need to go mobile, consider the Readywise Survival Packpack, a 64-piece bug-out bag with everything you need from first aid necessities to waterproof matches. It comes well stocked with 32 servings of entrees, plus a portable stove so you can prepare your meals wherever your journey takes you. Rely on emergency supplies like the mylar blanket, survival whistle, and a fully stocked 37-piece first-aid kit. It even comes in three different colors—high contrast red, tactical black, and multi-cam.

READYWISE – Chocolate Milk Bucket – 60 Servings

We saved the best for last here. Readywise high-calorie chocolate milk is a solid choice for either quick sustenance or a delightful desert. Look, just because it’s the end of the world doesn’t mean we’re not entitled to a treat once in a while, am I right?

Looking for more emergency food supply? Head to GovX for your exclusive Readywise discount.