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READYWISE Emergency Food Storage Now Available on GovX

Photo credit: READYWISE

Just cause you’re in a doomsday bunker doesn’t mean your meals need to taste like the apocalypse. The best thing about READYWISE food? It actually tastes good. So when the world finally comes to an end, don’t eat like a barbarian. We’re Americans. We have standards.

Anyone who’s ever eaten an MRE knows that when it comes to freeze-dried food, it’s pretty hit or miss. READYWISE is all hit. No miss.

Consider the Breakfast & Entree bucket. Creamy pasta alfredo. Hearty tortilla soup. Decadent brown Sugar and Maple Cereal. And you bet your survivalist ass there’s cheesy macaroni. What kind of self-respecting, well-stocked bunker is complete without cheesy mac?

The multi-serving buckets are conveniently shaped for easy storage in a garage or a shelter. This bucket of freeze-dried meat covers your protein requirements, and is stocked with delicious choices like Southwest style chicken and Stroganoff beef. Yummy.

Bon appétit, Americans.

Want breakfast? Of course you do. Check out the 120-serving Breakfast Bucket, stocked with apple cinnamon cereal and strawberry granola crunch. Or, grab a bucket of 144 servings of powdered eggs with a 25-year shelf life. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Even if you’re starting that day in a fallout shelter.

READYWISE even offers a complete 2-day emergency survival backpack, stocked with 20 servings of emergency food along with essential gear like a first-aid kit, flashlight, water filter, Mylar emergency blanket, survival whistle, fire starter, and more. And if you don’t wanna use it as a survival backpack, it’s ideal for your next off-the-grid camping trip.

Secure your emergency food storage with READYWISE. Now available on GovX.