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AVAYA Communication Solutions Are Now on GovX

Whether in uniform or out, in the office or at home, or even at times on the road, staying constantly connected to your calendar of meetings, one-on-ones, and conference calls is all a part of the job. Which makes equipping yourself, your workplace, or your employees with the right collaboration tech absolutely crucial in this day and age. Creating an unparalleled peace of mind for business leaders from every sector, Avaya communication solutions are setting new standards for seamless connectivity, reliability, and customer satisfaction. And now their lineup of leading office equipment is available to GovX members like you.

Serving as a catalyst in pushing digital transformation forward, Avaya’s vision is to reimagine the ways people and businesses engage and experience the world. With more than 100,000 customers the whole worldwide, they serve as a trusted supplier of communication solutions for any-sized business.

Clarity is calling.

Coming in loud and clear, The B109 Conference Speaker comes with you wherever you go to make sure your conversations don’t get lost to a combination of fuzziness and interference. After all, who wants to sound like a robot when they’re trying to get the point across? Backed by the unique OmniSound Audio Technology, this invaluable tool can be used with Avaya Equinox and other conferencing applications on your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

For a more visual perspective, The HC010 Huddle Camera delivers a full HD 1080p video signal at 30 fps, which provides sharp optics and smooth motion for a near cinematic experience during teleconferences. Designed for use with products of their XT Series, or as a laptop camera for their Equinox clients, the Huddle is USB-compatible and comes with a tripod mount. Power it on and properly project your ideas without issue.

The office grind is changing. Evolving. Becoming something different on a near-daily basis. The onus is on you to lead the way into the future. Make sure you have the right tools to get there.