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Why HENSON SHAVING Razors Are Better Than Multi-Blade Razors

  • by GovX

Shaving is a necessary part of many Americans’ daily grind. Especially if, like many of you, you serve in a sector of the Armed Forces that requires you to be clean-shaven all the time. Yes, there are exceptions, but for the most part, many of you are in “POLICE THAT MOUSTACHE” territory.

But what if you’ve tried every multi-bladed cartridge and electric razor on the market and nothing gives you the clean, irritation-free shave you long for? Instead of increasing the number of blades, consider going with just one. Because with Henson Shaving’s signature single-blade safety razor, one is all you need for the best damn shave of your life. Here’s every reason you need to make the switch:

They’re cheaper in the long run.

We’ll get straight to the point: Stop spending so much money on five-bladed face-destroyers. As you’ll see in the next section, all you need is one perfectly angled blade to get the best shave. And as it turns out, a single blade is WAY cheaper than the alternative. Let’s break it down:

  • It’s $35.49 for 12 refills of the Gilette Mach3, with three razors in each cartridge. That works out to about a dollar per blade.
  • It’s $24.99 for five Gillete Fusion5 refills, with five razors per cartridge. Again, that works out to about a dollar per blade. Sensing a pattern here?
  • Now, compare that to a 100-pack of Henson Shaving blades for only $9.99. That’s just ten cent per blade, and the entire pack should last you between two to three years.

There’s just no contest here.   

One blade is better than multiple.

Single blade safety razors cut facial hair closely with no more friction than is absolutely required. You want a single pass of the blade over the hair follicle, not five. Here’s why: When multiple blades pass over a hair follicle, it tugs the hair out past the surface of the skin, cuts it, then releases it back underneath the surface. This is exactly how ingrown hairs happen, resulting in irritating red bumps and characteristic razor burn.

A single blade, however, cuts hair directly at the skin level, allowing hair to grow naturally out past the surface of the skin. Henson designed their razor to deliver the closest shave imaginable. Many safety razors leave too much blade exposed, which means more flex and pull. Henson blade exposure and angle are precisely machined to tolerances as tight as 0.0002”. In other words, no more ingrown hairs. No more razor burn. Just shaving as God intended.

They don’t clog like those multi-bladed monstrosities

If you use a water-soluble shaving gel, oil, or foam, you don’t have to worry about clogging up your razor. Henson razors are designed with exit channels that easily expel hair and cream. Just a single rinse cleans them out in between strokes. Multi-bladed cartridges have so many moving parts and spaces where gel and hair can clog them up to the point where even a thorough rinse doesn’t clean them out. Simpler is truly better.

They’re better for maintaining grooming standards in your job

With some exceptions, most branches of the military prohibit facial hair. Facial hair must be clean shaven while in uniform or on duty in the US Army. If you’re allowed to have a mustache, it must be “neatly trimmed, tapered, and tidy.” We lifted that straight from

This can be a problem for many servicemembers who deal with especially sensitive skin. It’s just a fact that for many men with irritation-prone skin, keeping facial hair is just easier than shaving it. But if you serve in the military, what are you to do? To maintain uniform standards, you need a shaving solution that treats your skin with the care it deserves.

We’ve already gone over how a single, perfectly angled blade cuts the hair at the surface level, eliminating unsightly razor burn. So if you’re a military servicemember with particularly sensitive skin, add a Henson Shaving razor to your morning prep.  

They’re better for the environment.

We’re not expecting you to serve your community as a green-blooded environmentalist or suddenly get heavily into composting, but at the bare minimum, the simple act of swapping plastic for metal razors can make a positive impact on the world around you. Both today and in the future.

Each plastic-free Henson razor is made to last a lifetime and put a legion of their disposable counterparts to shame. Each replaceable blade is 100% recyclable, making for the easiest hygiene decision you’ll ever have to make.

Let’s face it: They’re just cooler.

Remember that scene in SKYFALL where Moneypenny seductively shaves James Bond’s face? Now imagine her doing it with a freaking Gilette Fusion. See how much that doesn’t work?

Packing your medicine cabinet or Dopp kit with some aerospace-graded aluminum gives the impression that you’re a man who takes his personal appearance quite seriously. And you won’t be settling for anything less than what your handsome mug deserves. The arsenal of razors packs a unique, unmistakable design that’ll never be confused for the other guys. Convinced yet?

Load up with HENSON SHAVING GEAR. Now with GovX ID enabled at checkout.