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Veteran-Owned THE VOLCANO is Now on GovX

Let’s just cut right through the fat. For those that set big goals for their gains, strength training isn’t something to be taken lightly. In fact, most men and women of the jacked variety put a special emphasis on machines and equipment that provide a literal transformative experience and serve as an invaluable ally on their journey in becoming a fitness powerhouse.

Enter THE VOLCANO. Founded by Chris Ray, a Desert Storm veteran, we here at GovX are proud to partner with and support his mission to promote true functional fitness for active-duty personnel, veterans, and first responders from all corners of the country. Versatile and ready for action outside the boundaries of your local gym, this 250lb plate-loadable titan of training simulates the traditional tire-flip workout, activating multiple muscle groups simultaneously for a customized workout unlike anything else out there.

Of course, a workout this intense doesn’t have to take up a lot of space. Measuring out at 69” x 48”, THE VOLCANO allows the user to switch between a series of exercises from yoke carries to front squats to Zercher carries. Meaning that a full, comprehensive workout is never off the table, and with its wide crossbar, side-by-side team training can be accomodated for. Workout buddies feel free to exchange a high-five or two.

Ready to amp up the difficulty levels? Add or remove weight as you deem necessary and dare to load plates asymmetrically across the six posts for increasingly challenging flips. By simulating the experience and effectiveness of flipping a tractor tire, THE VOLCANO provides the same core workout while paving the way for your body to develop a previously unprecedented measure of muscle memory through consistency.

The days of relying solely on a personal trainer or an expensive gym membership are waining. For those who serve keeping regular hours isn’t always easy, and alternative methods to maintaining and promoting personal fitness on their own time is essential. THE VOLCANO unit provides just about the strongest solution out there.