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In a world full of miracle muscle-building shakes, late-night “guaranteed results in 90 days” exercise system infomercials, and yes, even fitstagrammers, it comes as a great relief to report that there’s still an assemblage of fitness companies around that fully subscribe to the notion that there remains no substitution for putting the work in. Of course, having access to the right equipment is key. And we’re not talking about the Shake Weight here, people. Tru Grit Fitness has steamrolled itself straight to the top of its market with high-quality kettlebells, barbells, and battle ropes for health-minded Americans ready to crush their home workout and make major gains a reality. Here at GovX, we’re pleased to welcome them aboard.

Founded by lifelong friends Matt Piva and Brandon Hearn in Las Vegas, Tru Grit Fitness’ rapid ascent to becoming a premium brand is rooted in their devotion to those that don’t quit. A fact that is entirely evident in their impressive lineup of exercise equipment.

Giving up is not an option.

Coming on strong, Tru Grit’s Adjustable Kettlebells is undeniable proof that your home gym isn’t complete without the additions of these 20 and 40-pound customizable units. Fully adjustable to the weights you want them at, these are essential tools for building up your core power, increasing your flexibility, and sculpting lean muscle.

Turning the spotlight to the Industrial AB Bench, this particular instrument puts you in the perfect position to maximize your next workout. Crafted from industrial steel and designed to go way beyond your typical bench, the Industrial AB features seven different adjustments and vary from flat, inclined and declined positions, and three-seat pad adjustments.

At the end of the day, very few things in life are as rewarding as earning each and every one of your triumphs. In the gym or out. It’s integral to understand that there exists no magic beans for bulking up or breakthrough contraptions that lead to overnight transformations. It’s on you to commit to your fitness regime, and procure quality, proven equipment that supports a tenacious attitude and an unyielding will to get after it. For those that believe in a better way of working out, Tru Grit Fitness won’t let you down.