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This Rechargeable Nitecore Flashlight is Cooler Than Using Your Phone

This thing just feels right. I love how you can stand it up on its bulb end, the light radiating out of the openings in the crown and producing a strong halo of hands-free illumination. When laid on its side, it stays still and doesn’t roll out of reach. I love how all it takes to fire it up is a half press of the main switch instead of a full press. And I love how it’s USB rechargeable, because I’ll be damned if I’m ever going out to buy batteries in 2019.

The MH25GTS. Tell you what, we’ll just call it the Nitecore in the rest of the captions.

And lastly, I love how I no longer need to use my smartphone as a flashlight ever again. The Nitecore MH25GTS Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight is GovX’s bestselling torch, and it’s available now in an exclusive members-only edition. On top of all those feel-good reasons, here’s why we’re thrilled to have the X on this badass beam-thrower:

First, let’s talk about power. At its highest brightness level, you can unleash a massive 1800 lumens with this light and reach over 330 yards away. Check out the MH25GTS at full power:

That’s what 1800 lumens looks like over 300 yards.

It’s a ton of light, probably more than you’d ever need. Unless of course you’re in an emergency, in which case the MH25GTS proves to be a valuable rescue tool. In addition to its insanely-powerful maximum output, it’s got a strobe, SOS, and beacon mode that can flag down rescuers or passersby. In a situation like this, you never really know what you’d use it for until you need it. We hope you never do, but maybe grab one of these rechargeable flashlights and keep it in your glove box just in case.

But even at lesser brightness levels, the MH25GTS is an accomplished torch, especially as a camping flashlight. The lowest mode is bright enough to get work done but dim enough to not blind your fellow campers around the campsite. As I mentioned above, you can stand it up on the bulb end for an impromptu lantern. (Just be careful, the front of the torch can get pretty hot after a while at full brightness.) Fire up the brightest setting if you need to scare away an animal, or just find your way around in the dark. If you’ve always preferred flashlights to headlamps in the outdoors, consider this torch.

It also has on-board memory that remembers the last mode you used. It’s one of those features you appreciate without even realizing how useful it is. On other flashlights, it’s annoying to cycle through a bunch of brightness modes to find the one you want. With this one, it’s fire-and-forget—just switch it on and off again to resume usage at the last mode you left it on.

The Nitecore’s charge indicator lights up blue at full charge.

The MH25GTS also has a dedicated following among the ever-vigilant GovX members we know. Several customers have packed it away in a 48-hour go-bag, should the need arise to evacuate due to disaster or emergency. Plus, if you ever get in a tight spot (perhaps even literally), you can use this torch as a signaling device. As we mentioned before, on top of its powerful beam, it’s got a strobe mode that randomly changes frequency for a stronger effect, and one that’s easily spotted by rescue aircraft.

We’ve also seen a spike in purchases from cops. If you’re not pleased with whatever torch your department may have issued you (if they issued you one at all), this is a solid police flashlight to clip onto your duty belt. Responding to a call outside an urban location at night, poking around a darkened house, dealing with an evening traffic stop … the MH25GTS offers power for your patrol.

Full power illumination at night.

Aside from all that, the MH25GTS flashlight is just a convenient device for everyday use. If you need to walk your dog at night, grab this flashlight. If you need to find your dog at night, grab this flashlight. If your wife wakes you up in the middle of the night because she heard a noise downstairs and she swears it’s a bear or an intruder or Kevin Spacey, grab this flashlight.

Here at GovX, we’ve always believed that flashlights get the job done where smartphones can’t. They’re a brighter, fully functional and versatile tool that belongs in every EDC gear arsenal. And the Nitecore MH25GTS is one we’re proud to have our logo on. Go get it.