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How the UNDER ARMOUR Valsetz Boots Make You a Better Tactical Pro

We’ve reviewed the Under Armour Valsetz boots before, when a law enforcement officer put them to the test a few years back. The Valsetz went on to become GovX’s bestselling boot of all time. We shipped thousands of pairs to LEOs, medics, and tactical pros, and that’s why we’re so excited at the next evolution of this acclaimed Under Armour boot.  

The bottom line: The Micro G Valsetz is everything you love about the Valsetz and more. Better cushioning. Better traction. Better mobility.

The most prominent new feature is the inclusion of the new Micro G foam midsole. This proprietary foam technology is a product of Under Armour engineering and runs the length of the boot.

Let’s get into the details:  

What’s so special about the Micro G midsole?

By adding a Micro G midsole, the Valsetz feels more athletic than ever before. It wears more like a trail running shoe than a tactical boot. The foam is 30% thinner than most competitors, which keeps the weight of the boot down, and gives the wearer a responsive bounce in every step.

When your foot is lower to the ground, you’re able to change directions more quickly. Tactical professionals know that moving quickly in high-threat scenarios makes the difference between a mission completed and a mission failed.

Oh, and that bounciness we mentioned? That’s energy literally returning to your foot, which means this Valsetz is better for staying on your feet even longer. You know how it goes: long patrols, long shifts, long stretches of standing by to stand by. When all you want in the world is to take a break, the Micro G midsole provides long-term comfort during those all-day stints on your feet.

How is the Valsetz built?

At exactly 16 ounces per boot—that’s just one pound—the Valsetz is definitely on the lighter side, which is why we included it on our top ten list of lightweight tactical boots. Made of a combination of tactical fabric and synthetic leather (real leather would be way too heavy for a boot designed for this kind of work), the Valsetz is breathable, agile, and comfortable all day long.

But don’t think that just because they’re lightweight they skimp on durability. The welded forefoot overlay reinforces the laces, ensuring they last you years of service. And the TPU toe cap is molded and sealed, giving the front of your foot extra protection in the field.

The Insite® Contoura® Support footbeds feature shock absorbing foam that learns your foot’s unique contours and retains shape over time. This, combined with the Micro G foam already built into the midsole of the boot, sends even MORE rejuvenating energy back into your foot, and gives you even MORE responsive, agile movement. And as a bonus, the footbeds are anti-microbial, fighting bacteria that causes that awful boot smell. Your fellow professionals in the locker room will thank you.

Let’s talk about traction.  

The outsole on the Micro G Valsetz has been upgraded to be even more reliable in the field than ever before. At the bottom of the boot you’ll find a slip-resistant texture with deep indentations and grooves in each lug.

How does this help you in the field? Police officers, medics, and other professionals often find themselves in dicey scenarios that can compromise your footing. Automobile wrecks that leave the pavement slick with oil. Every day urban scenarios where rainy conditions make the ground slippery and treacherous. And not to get too gross on you, but blood (or other body fluids) on the floor can quickly become a hazard when responding to a call.

Under Armour knows about those things like that. That’s why they made you a boot with reliable traction so you can do your job more effectively.  


The Micro G Valsetz is an improvement over the renowned Valsetz in every way. Under Armour took the best and made it better, keeping your mission and your comfort in mind with every thoughtful design choice. Lightweight, durable, designed to perform and last years of service, it’s tactical footwear you should definitely consider for your loadout.

Available in both mid (6-inch height) and standard (8-inch height), and for men and women, you can get the Under Armour Micro G Valsetz boots with your exclusive GovX member discount right here.