Member Reviews of 2023

Sometimes, you just gotta let it fly.

Here at GOVX, we happen to take member reviews very seriously. After all, they let us (and your fellow members) know what you like and dislike about a certain product. Ultimately, that’s incredibly important intel to us as we continue to expand our catalog with the brands and gear that best fuel your personal and professional missions. 


As an added perk, this past year brought some of the most entertaining reviews we’ve seen in the history of the company. Just about daily, we noticed members like you bringing the heat and letting everyone know just how you felt about the gear you just picked up. In our world, it just goes to show that some of the most creative, intelligent, and undeniably hilarious Americans can be found within the GOVX ranks. With that said, we’ve collected some of our favorites from the last 365 days below. Have at it.

DARN TOUGH - T4021 - Boot Cushion Socks

"Two weekends ago I completed the Bataan Memorial Death March. Although the vast majority of competitors change their socks at least once, I completed the entire course without needing to change my socks. Buy these now. You'll thank yourself for years to come.”

Howard C. - Army

“These are good socks. I wish Darn Tough would make some alpaca hunting socks next though.”

Robert L. - Marines

ROTHCO - Men's US Navy Pea Coat

“Free pea coat, yeah! If you enlist in the US Navy you’ll get one of these for FREE! If that doesn't sound fun, then you can buy one on GOVX for a low price.”

Brian L. - Navy

“I train in self-defense and fight wearing street clothes, so having a sturdy pair of jeans is a must. The ones that have a little stretch to them are a God-sent gift in that environment. I generally buy one size larger in the waist but didn't need to in these. I now own three pairs of them.”

Ronald G. - GOVX Member

“As a guy who doesn't skip leg day, buying pants is the absolute worst. These FINALLY fit the bill for me as active pants that can also be worn casually without looking like a goober. I bought two pairs and I'll soon be buying a couple more. Highly recommend, especially if you’re a fellow Quadrasaurus.”

Stephen T. - Municipal Fire Department

“Really great bag. Threw it on recently during an Arizona trip and harvested three elk with it. The fit was perfect (large), since I'm a little on the fat side.”

Gregorio B. - Government Employee

“Good bag to mod. EDC carry bags like this one aren't going to fool anyone who knows what to look for, including criminals. I took a hot iron to the VIKTOS letters and peeled them off, then put some generic hippy patches on it to troll the sheep around me. Sheepdogs up!”

Shun B. - Marines

“Well built and comfortable. I can clean them up and dress them up, or I can get ankle deep in yuck and they always do right by me.”

Daniel M. - Medical Services

“These were a gift for my wife. When I asked her to write this review, she looked me dead in the face and stated -- I love them and that’s all you need to write!”

Darren J. - Air Force

“With the improved battery life, solar isn’t needed unless you‘re planning on moving to a deserted island.”

Jeffrey G. - City Police Department

“This is my second pair in a decade. First pair is now strictly for mowing grass!”

Daren E. - Other State/Local Law Enforcement

“I make these shades look better than any man on Earth. That's a fact. I’m confident that if I knew an agent, I’d be a model already.”

Kyle H. - Marines

“This is basically an adult fidget toy. I like to walk around clicking it back and forth.”

Patrick L. - Army

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