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The GovX Community Just Raised $11,800 for FOLDS OF HONOR

  • by GovX
Photo credit: Folds of Honor

The 2021 entries in the Patch of the Month series continue to amaze us. Combined with individual orders of GovX gear, last month’s Liberty Ignited patch raised a total of $11,813 for FOLDS OF HONOR, the nonprofit dedicated to military families.

Folds of Honor’s mission provides scholarships to spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled servicemembers. Since 2007, the foundation has awarded over 29,000 scholarships to military families.

July’s Patch of the Month

The mandate of Folds of Honor began when Air Force pilot Dan Rooney was flying home from his second tour of duty in Iraq. As his flight landed, the pilot announced the plane was carrying the remains of Corporal Brock Bucklin. Lt. Colonel Rooney watched as Corporal Bucklin’s twin brother walked alongside the flag-covered casket to meet his family on the tarmac. Among them was the deceased Corporal’s young son, Jacob.

Since witnessing that moment on the tarmac, Rooney decided to commit his life to supporting families. He founded Folds of Honor to provide scholarships and lasting support for military families like the Bucklins who face tragedy. Corporal Bucklin’s son was the first Folds of Honor scholarship recipient in 2007. Since then, Folds of Honor has ensured that families who’ve sacrificed for their country receive educational opportunities. Whether it’s K-12th grade or higher education, Folds of Honor has provided financial assistance for military families.

“We are beyond excited to partner with GovX and are so thankful for their incredible life changing support,” said Col. Nick Nichols, Executive VP Operations and Relationships at Folds of Honor. “Together we can ensure that no military family is left behind on the field of battle. The gift of education provides generational change and is a lasting bridge to equality.”

Keep the giving going. Add the latest Patch of the Month to your collection and support American law enforcement.

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