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The Ghost of Kyiv Tee from ZERO FOXTROT is Back in Stock

Is the Ghost of Kyiv a real pilot? Is the flying ace who is said to have notched six air-to-air kills within 30 hours of the invasion a mythical figure, or is the MiG-29 Fulcrum pilot actually putting up numbers that impressive in the fight against the Russian siege?  

I would suggest the cold hard truth of the Ghost of Kyiv doesn’t matter as much as the legend it inspires. When your nation is under siege, you look for heroes wherever you can find them, even if they only exist in hearts and minds.

During the opening hours of the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces, the Ukrainian people found their hero in the sky, roaring past at 30,000 feet behind twin turbofan engines. The legend has been credited as a serious morale booster for Ukrainians and all who support the freedom of independent nations and those willing to fight for them.

But while the Ghost himself may be a myth, there’s nothing exaggerated about the real Ukrainian pilots who are taking to the skies every day to dogfight a Russian Air force that dramatically outnumbers them. Every day they fire up their jets and scream into the air, beating the odds and defying every analyst who expected the UAF to get swatted out of the sky nearly instantly. Their continued fight has prevented wider bombing in cities, saving civilian lives and making the Russian pilots think twice about jumping in the cockpit.

It is in this spirit that our friends at ZERO FOXTROT designed the GHOST OF KYIV T-shirt, which pretty much instantly sold out the moment they put it on sale last month. But now it’s back in stock, bearing the blue and gold livery of the Ukrainian people and and the “Stay Zero” ethos of a brand that’s always stood for defending freedom wherever it’s threatened. And it’s proudly made in the USA, just like every other Zero Foxtrot shirt.

Get it in your size right here.