The Costa Men’s Rinconcito Polarized Sunglasses

Serve as Summer’S

Elite Shades

Scoop yourself up a pair of SoCal-inspired eyewear.

By Devin Pangaro – July 14, 2023

Operating with a clear objective is something we can all relate to. Whether it’s spending the day putting some cold-water bass on ice, dominating a set during a beach volleyball game, or wakeboarding your way across the lake, when you got something to accomplish -- even the sun can’t stop you.

This is precisely why Costa’s Rinconcito Polarized Sunglasses serve as such a vital pair of your everyday kit come the warm-weather months. In basic mathematics, this means more daylight hours, more outdoor activities, and more reasons to pack a pair of shades that can keep up with whatever you do during your downtime. Here’s what stood out during the recent test run.


As in 100% UV light blockage AND 100% polarization. Bright rays can be a formidable foe, especially when you’re somewhere out there in the blue. Employing a pair of shades that minimize glare while retaining the superior clarity that’s come to be synonymous with the Costa name is an easy call. Available in both scratch-resistant 580 glass and impact-resistant 580 polycarbonate lenses, the options to fit your lifestyle are front and center.


Don’t ever conflate a lack of bulk for a lack of quality. These are high-quality shades through and through. Constructed from a durable bio-based nylon material, they’re made to survive whatever you have in store for them. Doesn’t matter if you’re dodging waves or reeling in the big one. In fact, they’re 20% thinner and 22% lighter than the average polarized pair of sunfighters, so you won’t feel the need to constantly re-adjust them on the fly.


We're not going advocate bending a premium pair of shades to prove a point. That said, the integral spring hinges on each arm provide the kind of flexibility that makes every wear more comfortable than the last. If they feel like they were made for your face, it’s basically because they are.


Let’s not forget that these are performance eyewear. They’re specifically designed for an active life as illustrated above. So even if you’re not into the kind of fun that revolves around a body of water, they’re just as effective for cycling, hiking, jogging, driving, and even the occasional golf weekend. In fact, the anti-slip Hydrolite nose and temple pads keep your shades right where they’re supposed to be during every activity. No losing them to sweaty misfortunes or bad luck.


Possibly the answer to a potential Jeopardy question, the shades are named for Southern California’s right-breaking waves. Basically, an open invitation to get in or on the water and enjoy everything it has to offer. The kid brother the Costa’s original Rincon frames, The Rinconcito has officially surfaced as the must-have shades for summer 2023 and a GOVX member favorite.

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