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The Best Concealed Carry Clothing and Gear of 2022

Photo credit: VIKTOS

If you practice concealed carry, you know how challenging it can be to find the right clothing to accommodate your weapon. Practicing CCW as a means of self defense means you need to wear clothing that won’t prevent access to your weapon. This means jackets with integrated sidearm pockets, pants with CCW-friendly waistbands and extra mobility, and even luggage that allows rapid access to your weapon. Check out these standouts from the GovX catalog for concealed carriers.

Viktos – Gunfighter Flannel Jacket

Featuring quick-draw vents for accessing your sidearm, the Gunfighter jacket lives up to its name. Crafted from a high-quality wool blend and interior lined for warmth, its as comfortable as it is vigilant. The zippered chest pockets are even accessible when wearing a plate carrier, a nice little detail the tactical geniuses at Viktos were kind enough to consider. They’re nice folks. You’d like ’em.

Rothco – Concealed Carry Hoodie

An affordable concealed carry garment that doesn’t ever skimp on quality, the traditional hoodie from Rothco includes a pass-through kangaroo pocket for covert access to your weapon. Warm, practical, and made for the prepared, it’s a versatile hoodie to add to your apparel collection.

Tru-Spec – 24/7 Series Concealed Holster Short Sleeve Shirt

This unique shirt is meant to be worn as a baselayer underneath another shirt, ideally a snap-button shirt that can be quickly opened to gain access to your weapon. Designed for small to medium frame handguns, the shirt has dual left and right pockets, with dense outer mesh layers that obscures the profile of your handgun.

Viktos – Actual Leather Jacket

Viktos entire lineup of apparel is designed with shooters and tactical pros in mind, and nowhere is this better exemplified by this waterproof leather jacket. Viktos set out to create the best concealed carry jacket ever made. First off, it’s made of genuine drum-dyed cowhide leather, known for durability and breathability. Then they added an exterior waterproof treatment and an interior waterproof lining for protection against the elements inside and out. And the entire jacket is built with guns in mind, with full articulation for taking aggressive shooting positions and side zippers for quick access to sidearms.

Rothco – Concealed Carry Flannel Shirt

This seemingly traditional flannel shirt has a hidden talent. One large, concealed pocket and two interior mag pouches with magnetic button closures hold your weapon and ammo, and the front zipper offers easy, rapid access to your gear. Fashioned with heavyweight 8oz cotton, it’s warm, durable and perfect for carrying in cold weather.

Berne Apparel – Echo One Concealed Carry Jacket

Another warm and cozy garment with concealed carry in mind, Berne Apparel’s Echo One jacket is a ruggedly designed daily coat inspired by the brand’s popular workwear styles. The jacket features the Adder System, a MOLLE and Velcro grid system that can be customized to your personal preference. Another detail you’ll appreciate: You can order this jacket in both Regular and Tall cuts, a thoughtful option from Berne for differently proportioned dudes.

Vertx – Gamut 2.0 Concealed Carry Backpack

This EDC-friendly daily backpack from Vertx has a generously sized hidden compartment that can be used for carrying everything from a laptop to a compact-sized folding rifle. The Velcro zone in the concealed carry compartment accommodates Tactigami™ (yeah that’s a thing) accessories for storing your weapon, and the Rapid Access Pull tab means you can quickly draw the backpack to your front for gaining access to your gun. Or you don’t even have to carry a gun in there. The concealed carry compartment doubles as a slot for ballistic panels. It’s a backpack for the prepared.

Viktos – Operatus XP Tactical Jeans

What kind of list would this be without the perfect pair of concealed carry jeans? It’s low profile enough to be your daily go-to jeans, and tactical enough to accommodate your entire EDC loadout. With stretch denim, it’s the ideal pair of jeans for appendix or IWB carriers, plus storage for extra mags. Also—this sentence is so over the top, it would be a crime not to reuse VIKTOS’s own words here—the “dual-puller zipper ensures you can conduct men’s drainage operations without having to de-militarize your waistline.” Yeah. That sentence just entered your eyeballs.

Rothco – Concealed Carry 3 Season Jacket

We’ll finish strong with another Rothco option, the 3-Seaon Concealed Carry Jacket. Competitively priced (even more competitively if you’re a registered GovX member), this durably designed jacket has two interior padded universal handgun concealed pockets and four inner mag pockets. Polyester lined interior for 3-season, all-weather warmth, and washed cotton outer shell, it’s made for the elements, and worn by the prepared.

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Photo credit: VIKTOS