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TEAM RUBICON Greyshirts Are on the Ground in Kentucky Right Now

Team Rubicon volunteer chainsawing a fallen tree

In the aftermath of a massive storm that passed through Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, and Mississippi, “Greyshirt” volunteers with TEAM RUBICON immediately responded. At this very moment, Greyshirts are responding in the cities of Benton and Mayfield, two communities devastated by multiple tornadoes.

Co-founded by US Marine Corps veteran Jake Wood in 2010, Team Rubicon is a veteran-led international non-government organization (NGO) that deploys volunteer disaster response teams around the world following catastrophes or humanitarian crises.

Aerial photo of tornado damage in Kentucky.
Aerial shot of devastation in Kentucky.

Within hours after the storm passing, Team Rubicon sawyers immediately began clearing blocked roadways at the request of emergency managers in Marshall and Graves counties, freeing the way for crews to restore power to over 250,000 people. Greyshirts also deployed heavy equipment and operators to assist local K9 search and rescue teams by clearing debris and trees which are blocking access to homes and roads.

As a nonprofit, Team Rubicon is able to rapidly respond to disasters like this because of support from individual donars. GovX is proud to feature Team Rubicon as this month’s GovX Gives Back partner. Every order of apparel and gear from GovX’s own product line supports not only disaster relief efforts in tornado-struck areas, but missions around the country. Team Rubicon volunteers arrive wherever they’re needed and rely on support from Americans like you to help communities rebuild.

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Team Rubicon volunteers in a storm-damaged neighborhood.